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  1. I was just like you, but I finally woke up. I said what if I had epilepsy, I have got no control and it is permanent. But acne are temporary and it might last for years but at least it can be cured. Now my diet is: 1. No to fast food and greasy stuff. 2. One orange every day. 3. Avoiding chocolate and sweets. and I usually eat at home and follow my regimen. Good Luck MF
  2. I've got a question here. I am on the 2nd week of using accutane, and I am suffering of a slight back pain. does that happen? and when can I noticed improvement? Bless Ya MF
  3. Hello all, I decided to post this thread to all accutane users who think that this medication is just from Hell (including myself). I think it would be amazing if people who finished their personal regimens to share them with us, and tell us how they feel in life after 4-6 months of accutane. Even people who are really not sure of this medication can be more relaxed to know those information. actually today is day 6 for using accutane but I want to know when I can see improvement. I hope th
  4. From my experience, I think you should go before it gets too late like I did... If you think that mild acne won't get worse (I don't agree here) cause popping and scarring can cause a lot of damages..
  5. actually Viper31W you are not the first or the last person to use accutane, I am using it too. There are no other options but remember it is just a phase.
  6. hello all, I'd like to share my story in this forum. First of all, I had few pimples when I was about 16, actually I didn't care because they come and go. By the age 18, all of a sudden, they have conquered my face. I went to a dermatologist and she suggested that roaccutane is the only solution because my case was very severe. She told me about it and its side effects then I just said can we start with a different thing? She said antibiotics can work but there is a big chance that the acne wil