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  1. Costs alot by might be worth a try http://www.bohemia-style.co.uk/Concentrate...ure--p-227.html
  2. Do yo know what the ingredients are?
  3. I've been using a washcloth morning and at night but without cleanser. Just damp the cloth with water and gently glide it across your face. Sometimes I cover my face with the cloth and leave it on for while seems do to the trick.
  4. Has anyone tried this while on accutane or at all? There seems to be creams pills and injections Might combat redness....
  5. is there a way to moisturize skin without moisturizer? Every moisturizer i've used has broke me out then I have to wait a week for it to clear up again. On 20mg a day skins pretty much clean just dry, I know i'm prob sounds whinny and should be grateful its just so close but so far away....if that makes sense...
  6. I have my single 20mg in the morning whenever I wake up with buttery toast (real butter) no problems here. Also you to do the same at night when i was on 40mg just have a slice of toast at night too.
  7. Think your right after applying active moist this morning two red patches like a rash appeared on my nose and left cheek That was the best £24 I've spent Going to see if this happens again tonight. Ordered some Complex 15 heard a lot of good reviews My small collection of stuff I've tried and failed with......
  8. It this possible to happen? I've been on a low dosage on tane 20mg a day with great results for months. Now i've started using "dermalogica active moist" which is oil-free and non comedogenic on my nose and cheek area and have started to breakout. I've only been using it for about three/four days. Should i carry on and give it a while longer to see if its just an initial breakout?
  9. I can relate to the fatigue but not the headaches. I found drinking lots of water gives me more energy like I used to have. You could also try a lower dosage, that helped a hell of a lot for me. I used to be on 60mg a day, cut down to 20mg now my skins less drier, I have more energy and less acne. Hope that helps
  10. Congrats mate what moisturiser are you using??? I've been using doublebase but it breaks me out so I'm going to give Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance a try.
  11. Does anyone know if it would be ok to drink this while on low dose tane??? Being naturally caffeine free, Redbush is just as hydrating as water and it counts towards the 8 glasses of fluid we all aim to drink everyday. Antioxidants are a group of compounds which include flavonoids, as well as vitamins A, C and E. Flavonoids are one of the most powerful group of antioxidants, like the ones found in fruits, vegetables and Redbush thx