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  1. Hey everyone, I know it's kind of weird for a guy to ask for makeup tips, but I'm going on a date tonight and just wanted to know if anyone had any QUICK makeup ideas for light skin? There aren't too many active zits or anything, just left over red marks and blotchy spots. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks
  2. Yes, I think I got really lucky with this drug; I am not sure why, but it seems to be perfect for my skin type. It is amazing how quickly you are seeing results and it is refreshing to see a drug that actually is helping people. You know what's weird, it seems like the Aczone website advertises much less effective results than many of us have experienced. They say 2 weeks, most of us see results within the first few days. When I first saw their before and after picture on their main site, I co
  3. Hi aswa -- I wake up in the morning and take a hot shower and cleanse my face with Clearsil Face Wash. I don't like to dry out the skin on my body, so at night I just gently wash my face with the Clearsil again and then dry with a towel. After about 5 minutes, I just go apply a really thin layer of Aczone all over. Once it's dry, I go to bed and make sure my face is facing up! (so no pillow bacteria). I liked cetaphil a lot too when I had it, I think it is pretty similar to Clearsil Lately th
  4. I can vouch for clearsil as well. Their simplest wash really seems to be so gentle on my skin, but still effective!
  5. I've gone 4 days now without applying the aczone. Still no breakouts - I don't want to jinx myself but... oh my god
  6. It really depends - if you think you have a moisturizer that doesn't make you break out, then using it with Aczone shouldn't make you break out either. However, since it is so easy on the skin, I'd try a few weeks without moisturizer just to get the full effect of the drug.
  7. Cheers aswa-- finally a topical that actually DOES something! I just checked back on this thread and I am SO HAPPY with all of the positive reviews I am seeing I was really hoping this might be the drug that so many of us have been looking for With any luck, popularity will lead to generic brands which will lead to MUCH cheaper prices. And I think over time, this will become an OTC drug like BP. It is the least irritating topical I have ever used - no reason to require a prescription except f
  8. hey just wanted to say congratulations for clearing your skin ^_^

  9. OK well good luck aswa! Make sure to take some pics from before so we know kind of skin you have ViperVin- No moisturizer. I have pretty sensitive and dry skin anyways, but Aczone doesn't seem to irritate that at all. BP was the opposite for me and really irritated my skin. As I said in my first post, weather is extremely cold and windy here, I walk outside for probably 40 mins each day to work and my face has been completely fine. A little cold yes, but not red or dry or anything. I also HIGH
  10. UPDATE 1/21/2009 I am going to upload some pictures this weekend, but just a quick textual update for today! Skin is still looking fantastic, I could not be happier. Still some slight acne that keeps coming in, but it is left over from before the medication. In some of my previous posts on this site, I have asked about these tiny under the skin bumps (almost invisible) that stay for weeks and then eventually turn into big red painful cysts. Well I had probably 20-30 of these on my face when I s
  11. Still looking better each day I'm going to post a picture in about a week to see if there's been any progress or worsening. I will accept this as a cure for me if it keeps working after a month, because I have had luck clearing up for a couple weeks with other medications and even from dieting, but it has always come back after 4 weeks. So far, no sign of this yet!!
  12. No... I joined this site a year ago. Aczone wasn't even invented until December. And if you didn't read my entire post, I gave specific instructions on how to get about 2 weeks of the medication free before deciding if it's right for you, that way you don't have to waste a lot of money on it if you don't like it. I never said it would cure everyone, it just is doing great things for me right now and I want to share that. I originally made posts about it in the prescription forum when I first tri
  13. I agree with princess, why not spiro? I've had female friends that this works wonders for! Like you said in your post, just try to touch your face as little as possible; do you wear makeup during the day? This might clog things up a bit too Just so you know, even if your acne was 5 times worse, you'd still be gorgeous; your picture is beautiful!