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  1. Hi all, Life is good. I was just making a short post to inform more posts will follow. I want to encourage those people who are making dietary changes in their lives. Never stop giving up and the more knowledge you have the better off you are. Anyways, I've been dabbling with creative food ideas for those of you who want a broader range of foods than maybe what your current diet restricts. Real food is medicine... Feel free to post a message or question... Cheers, Jeffrey
  2. Hey, Some red flags I see that you might not be aware of and this is coming from my experience with changing how I eat... I would say meat is not the culprit at all. Meat infact is very good for the human body. It goes all the way back to our early ancestors. Meat/animal fat was what us humans survived on for many and many years. It was a very high percent of calories for us because of how it made us feel satiated for longer periods of time. You can look at different tribes over the world and s
  3. Just a little advice cheycheyenne... stick with the lifestyle changes. Increase you intake of fat you need to be consuming a lot. I'm5'4 150 lbs. I'm taking in about 150 grams of fat a day... eggs, animal, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc... Hang in there. I had the same troubles you did! I was always hungry I would binge... now I don't even think about the junk food now.. it's crazy my tastebuds have changed so much it doesn't even cross my mind... google michael eades... he has a great art
  4. Thanks for your comment on my picture! Very sweet of you :)

  5. Tdot - first of all don't fell blue and second of all enjoy life!!! Here's my advice. You are taking a leeap in the right direction don't get down about your decision. In my experience, I will never go back to eating like I use to, I feel much better off now health wise. I think more clearer, I don't have the shakes when I haven't eaten for 3 hours. My allergies are non-existent and I feel more energetic throughout the day... Another thing to think about is if your skin is showing inflamation/
  6. A WHOLE 14 MONTHS AND STILL ACNE FREE Toadys foods include::: breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs small amount of guacomole on eggs with butter Lunch: Beef tips cooked in coconut oil w/ green/red peppers w/ onions Dinner: steak and vegetable side Everything is still going well. Not one pimple/infection in site... This makes one happy! Randomness I believe refined carbohydrates and sugar are disastrous for human consumption in the quantities Americans consume. 130 lbs of sugar a year is consumed
  7. real quick update--- things are going well with me. I haven't been taking supplements as often anymore and yes I did take vitamin E, left it off by accident. Anyways thanks for the post and sometime soon I'll give an update! Maybe on May 29th since it has been a full year since I started!!!!!
  8. I've had so many good results from the candida diet. A work in progress, but I believe so far I have cured acne, brain-fogginess, athletes foot, chicken skin under eyes, allergies, and far better energy! That's my experience! Oh yeah I haven't got sick the whole time I've been on this diet. I started it May 29th. Many people at work have been sick and I never caught it! Immune system taken to the next level... I was diagnosed with a staph infection about 6 years ago. I took antibiotics over 5 y
  9. 11 MONTHS ACNE CLEAR AND ANTI-BIOTIC/FACIAL CLEANSER/ OINTMENT FREE I think that is something to be proud about and sorry for my boasting. It's a relief I can go about the day without even thinking about a measly pimple/whitehead/bacterial infection. It has been a year almost on the diet and I am still seeing outstanding results. However, I do not want to refer to this as a diet anymore, because it has become a lifestyle of mine now. Truly I am very thankful for having changed up my
  10. The reason I am on here is because I got a message from someone asking some questions. I have been reading other people anti-candida diets, from what I've read it's not anti-candida at all. Thats what I'm going to post now, for all of you on CANDIDA diets here are the musts: The longevity of the diet: how many years you've had symptoms convert them into months and thats the length of time you should be on the diet. For example--- 5 years = 5 months on the diet. I would have to say though going
  11. My last post on this topic, because I believe I found my cure to not only better skin, but to better health! Thanks for visiting my posts and hope others find there cures. For how many years you had symptoms, thats how many months you need to be on a candida diet. Summary of my success: increase good fats (butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil) decrease carbohydrates (only eat sufficient amount of vegetables daily) eat your meat (fish, fowl, beef, chicken, etc...)diminish your sugar int
  12. Woah there Benny B!!! You are introducing way too much way too fast that's why you are feeling sick. The reason you are feeling like that is because the antifungal-antibacterial properties of both the garlic and coconut oil. I suggest cutting down to 3 teaspoons a day for coconut oil and stopping the garlic asap. You are going to make yourself sick fast. And you are correct about die-off symptoms. I've been on the diet for almost 4 months now and I'm not even taking 3 cloves of garlic daily. I
  13. Quick Reply::: Things are going well still. I have no new forms of skin blemishes. I have found a new favorite thing to eat. Ribs w/ organic unsalted butter melted on top with simply organic seasoning on top and Redmond's Real Kosher Sea Salt on top. It's extremely delicious! I do not watch my omega 3 ratio. I eat three meals a day. I have meat at lunch and dinner. I have eggs for breakfast. And I have some sort of vegetable with all three meals. I also take cod liver oil. But I do not calcu
  14. It's good that you are taking better care of your body, but... (my friendly criticism and you can criticize me back...) I just thought it would help to ask you some questions to think about why you are doing the things you are doing for yourself. Okay you said that you workout 6 days a week twice a day. I think that is over-exercising and I believe that you need to give your body rest in order for it to heal itself. I'm not saying to quit exercising all together, but in my opinion I think that