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  1. it may also be important to not that i have been on accutane and the small swelling occured during this time.
  2. Firstly i have absolutely no facial redness unless i move/scrunch it up and then it flushes red a little. Also when it is cold my face goes a purple/red colour. However my nose is unoticeabley swollen on one side and i have had one or two eye infections recently. The swelling is under the skin and the skin on it is completely normal. Do i have Phymatous Rosacea?
  3. Myths from personal experience Diet doesn't affect acne - BS Persistent use of chemical products on face helps acne - BS
  4. The Regimen Rules: *NO CHEMICALS *Eat as Healthy as you can. No Refined Carbohydrates. *Drink enough Water and eat enough Vegetables. *NEVER EVER USE HOT WATER ON BODY OR FACE, ITS NOT NATURAL. *Exfoliate with Baking Soda. *Supplements: Cod liver oil tablets with Vitamins A D E and Evening Primrose oil(Balances Hormones) *Optional - Urine Therapy. The Method Morning: Fill sink with cold water Dip face in for two minutes. Dry face with paper towels. Take Supplements.(Cod liver oil ta
  5. 8.Salt Water can really help heal your face up after you pop zits. 9.Never ever put hot water on your face/body 10.Urine therapy is an option open to anyone, it will help your skin long term if not short term. 11.Eat healthily. The paleo diet would be the best diet. Obviously it is hard to follow exactly.
  6. Your skin should not be that red. My advise. Stop products. Soak skin in cold tap water for 2 minutes day and night. Apply salt water to face let dry apply again let dry then rinse off. Try supplements to aid skin. Also urine therapy overnight will help your skin heal however that is a personal choice.
  7. I have started to have cold showers and my back has really started to clear. Im not using anything else. Just cold showers. Still red marks but few active. Try it its worth it.
  8. Its Folliculitus. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Pityrospo...tis-t88740.html
  9. i will never accept this red crap, i wish i was dead nowadays.
  10. you coukd cellotape your mouth shut lol, it would stop dribbling.
  11. some acne could be related to the milk that the baby brings up or the constant dribbling of the baby i have the same problem areas. a solution would be a cleaner mouth, so mouthwash and regular teeth cleaning.