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  1. Time for an update! I cut ties with the chick that i went out clubbing with cause we really weren't connecting and i didn't see any future for us. I mean i had fun partying with her but i couldn't see myself being in a relationship with her. Last night i went out with the other chick and we hit it off amazingly well (like i thought we would), she's really keen on me and i'm really keen on her now too. She's coming to a party with me tomorrow night which should be awesome! What was also good w
  2. Yeah the two of them are actually friends too. Anyway last night was awesome, we went out clubbing together and had a great night, and she was looking hot as! I told the other chick i was going out with her so it's not as though i'm trying to play them. She (the other chick) messaged me today and is still very keen on me, though i'm being very careful not to lead her on.
  3. Haha thanks mate. Yeah i'm not proud of what i did, i still feel terrible about it. At least for the first time in a while i'm actually happy!
  4. Well this is my first ever thread in the emo section. I just wanted to share my good luck story with you guys to show you there is hope. I suffered severe acne in my early teens, and went on Ro-accutane which cleared it up nicely (i still get the odd pimple, quite a few on my body actually but only ever a few on my face). But like many people i was left with scarring, i'd classify mine as moderate and i am very self conscious about it. I have multiple pits around my chin area, a big scar on
  5. I'm still here. Results are hard to tell now - sometimes i think i see improvement and other times i'm not so sure, it definately hasn't made them worse but. Sorry i can't be more accurate with the improvement.
  6. It was actually done to try and stimulate collagen rather than just reduce redness. My derm went over most of my indented scars, at first he had the setting too high and i've got 4 or 5 biggish round blue/purple bruises on my face, also areas that were done are raised at the moment but i assume that will go down in the next week or so. Who else here has had v-beam? and how were your results? I'll let you know how i go when the bruising goes away. Cheers.
  7. I paid $220 Australian for V-beam.
  8. Well i have heaps of freckles and they are very unsightly in my opinion. I think you'll find the laser removes the melanin (which is what makes the freckle dark and brown) but i believe it also inhibits the production of melanin in that area and therefore the area won't be able to tan. I'll be discussing all this with my derm on thursday... i'll let you know what he says.
  9. I've got a fair few freckles which i want to get removed. The laser specialist i saw (he's also my derm) said that i will be left with white spots where the freckles were that won't tan. What i was thinking of doing was getting the freckles removed by laser then getting a skilled permanent make-up artist to go over the white spots and get them as close to my skin colour as possible. Do you think this would work? Or could the permanent make-up artist just go over the freckles as they are now
  10. dave666


    I'm getting V-beam done in a couple of weeks for general redness, i'll let you all know how it goes.
  11. Personally i don't think anyone would be here if their scars didn't worry them...
  12. Drewboy - would you classify your scars as rolling?