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  1. Hey. I purchased the derma e microdermabrasion scrub. Anyone used this cream? I’m a little concerned about aggravating marks/pigmentation from using this cream. Instructions state three mins of scrubbing twice a week. Sounds like a lot, could be harsh? I searched for reviews prior purchase. Amazon and makeupalley? Reviews were mostly positive. I let my marks heal naturally, without any product use. I thought I would give the cream a go on some stubborn blemishes, pigmented area. I’ve attached a
  2. Congrats! I've cut down on surgary foods, seems to be helping. As for cheese, well if a pizza is looking at me, I can't help looking back!
  3. I have used rose hip oil before but had to stop due to tiny whiteheads popping up. It did however help with red marks significantly. Skin also had a nice glow to it, I had more colour whilst using rose hip.
  4. Hey, I thought that everyone should see this. Sorry if it’s off topic although it was emotional for me . Check it out. Truly amazing. & I don’t work for naughty dog .
  5. Same, It was fine before the update..
  6. Manticore- Yes I am using the right click? Thank you for the tips. I actually copy and pasted from word my first post in this thread to test and no symbols. The problem is that all my posts prior to the update contain these symbols. I even saw these symbols littered throughout a fairly lengthy post in the Emotional forum dated back summer ’10. I promise I haven’t given out my account details to some alien. I don’t even know any. I saw a redhead with green skin once, no that was my imagination .
  7. Hi. Since the update I’ve noticed my previous posts have letters missing which are replaced by symbols. What’s going on. I normally type on Word ’07 then copy and paste into the acne.org message box. Is it because of this that It’s messing up? I prefer using ms word lazy with spelling plus clumsy on the keyboard . Please don’t think acne makes you ugly, ‘cause it doesn’t. It’s Above part of the my last post. thanks
  8. Hey Natashagirl. Please don’t think acne makes you ugly, ‘cause it doesn’t. It’s natural to feel a little apprehensive and nervous regardless if you have acne or not. Don’t think about what will happen, what has happened but what is happening and go with it. I was abroad last year feeling , flicking through a magazine found a Q&A with a writer/comedian-sarah silverman. Her mum said something beautiful that punched me in the heart (thankyou Sarah Silverman’s mum ); I put
  9. For red marks you could try some natural oils. Like olive, jojoba coconut , I’ve tried Rosa Mosqueta oil aka rosehip oil and it helped fade pink, red marks on the cheeks, plus gave a nice glow.
  10. Hey, what's up! Did your acne clear up on it's own?
  11. Exactly, I’m sure if your passionate about what you’ll be talking about it… will be a breeze. You mentioned giving speeches almost every week. That’s solid. Hopefully you don’t lose your focus . Good luck
  12. Scary stuff! Thanks for the info> I’m putt off now. The picture of the Spanish looking chica is misleading although it almost led me to buy. Need to find a girlfriend
  13. capture: type Boots Expert Scar Care serum on google search. Page 1 drugstore.com. Makeupalley also has v.positive reviews.
  14. It sounds good, positive reviews. I might try it out. Did you buy off the site or get it from the store? I know that not all boots supply the same products.