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  1. After about a year, I'm back to this message board. I've been taking about 2grams of B5 a day for about 6 years now. It pretty much keeps my skin clear. Every now and then, I get dermatitis on my hands. Rashes appear on my palms, skin is dry on hands. Usually I stop b5 for a week or so, and these symptoms go away. I attributed this to the defficiency of other B vitamins, and so I've been taking a multivitamin while not taking b5. I noticed that my acne breaks out when I take multivit. so I star
  2. I got the same problem .Just vice versa. I'm 23 and I like a 16 yo girl........... Should I stay or should I go? Any hints?
  3. Well, I got the same problem. Just vice versa. I'm 23 and I like a 16 yo girl. And I am not sure if it would be a right step to start a relationship.... Any hints?
  4. I must confess, I hate neo lights as well. The worst case, however is the neon lights AND mirrors. I mean, some public restrooms etc... 2 yrs ago, a rented a room, that had neon lights above mirror. And no curtain on bathroom, that means either direct sunlight or neon lights. THAT MADE ME FEEL BAD. So just neon lights is nothing worrisome... hehe
  5. 23.... living with acne since 1994... sounds like a sales pitch... haha
  6. hey lawnboy... most of us went through this... do not worry... people here have posted a lot of good advice. I cant help but not to add that Jesus loves you AS YOU ARE.... and you have been paid for with his blood......... So chin up and smile!
  7. sorry guys...my english is sometimes stupid...how do you call that if you have that part of body like a child, tough you are grown.........? u know what i mean.call it hair fur or whatever......
  8. Well...............I m 22 and my dad is a prof of medicine as well and he says only cystic acne can be up to 45. Else its gonna end before 30. But hyperpigmentations and scars ...?? Have you guys in late 20s with acne.... developed all secondary sexual signs already?.. ... Breast hair? For i dont have yet. and that might be a sign of some hormonal problem....?
  9. I absoultely agree. I never look on myself in the rear-view mirror of my car. That is really awful. But I think most people lok bad in that mirror, especially on sunny days. But I'm ok with pretty much all mirrors in bathrooms. The worst is the direct sunlight. I noticed that my self-confidence tends to be a function of the intesity of the light of the mirror I looked at last time. ( So if I think I aint gonna look good in a mirror, I dont look there simply. Helps much! Then my confidence do
  10. well thanks for your info and links i am personally not sure which one is better for my skin, i believe it is apporximately the same. But i definitely prefer to take 3 pills instead of 10 a day. I would appreciate if someone would tell where you buy pantehetine in the European Union, cause thats where I live and its complicated to order from the US. i am getting NOW brand by site podomedi.de pathetine for €40,00 for 60x300mg caps or b5 €11,40 for 100x500mg caps. The difference is
  11. i am taking patethine 3x300mg and tried this too.......after 2 days I got no new acne, but eczema on my palms!! I am not sure if it was becuase of this water regimen. anyway, i stopped your water regimen and my hands are improving... I will try that again in a week to see whats happening
  12. i used b5 megadoses as well then i switched to pantethine, which is more expensive, but zou onlz take 3x300mg pills with approximately the same effect as b5 5grams. think about that
  13. 1/ well i thought bacon - fat - oil from sebaceous glands - ya'll know the rest 2/ TESCO in my country = poor choice & poor food, hard to get anything "oncommon"
  14. what can I eat then.....when I shouldnt eat bread, pasta, sugar and greasy food........theres aint anything left!! pls...my acne is greatly influenced by diet.I know what foods break me out... but not so good what should i eat to keep my face clear... any hints?
  15. i believe most people here have acne vulgaris, i would divide them in 3 classes> 1. acne comedonica 2. acne papulo-pustulosa 3. acne cystica ** not sure about my latin **