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  1. Anytime I work out, my acne gets really bad. I've even gone out of my way to take a shower immediately after working out so I don't have sweat on my face. I do not take any sort of protein/creatine/supplements/steroids when I work out. I've experimented time and time again and every single time, working out causes my acne, I'm now 100% sure of it. I'm taking zinc and I have a very controlled diet. If I don't work out but do everything else in my regimen, I'm clear. When I add weight-lifting to the mix, I break out really bad. The worst thing about it is that the pimples that I get are very large (especially compared to the "normal" acne I get) and takes forever to go away, leaving marks in the process.

    What's the deal? I really want to work out more, it makes me feel good and look good. However, a day or two later and I've got spots on my face. What exactly is causing this? Could it be B vitamin depletion? As I said before, I take 50mg of Zinc Picolinate on a daily basis so it isn't zinc deficiency.

  2. Just a thought:

    When I started taking Fish Oil capsules and other Omega Oil supplements, areas around my nose got a lot more greasier. I'm not exactly sure if it was from the supplements (I have since stopped taking them but I still have oily skin on my nose area). Try it out, it gives your skin a nice glow to it and may help with the dry flaky-ness.

  3. This has been a "big" problem for me. I used to work out a few years ago, but that was when my skin was bad anyways. Now, I'm more conscious of acne so I don't work out because it seems to break me out. I'm actually going to start working out again now that school is out and I'll report my results. I'm able to stay clear if I follow my diet and not get all stressed out. We'll see how it goes.

  4. Rice, pasta, bread, chicken, red meats (steak, beef), vegetables, fruits, beans, eggs. Avoid candy, cake, sweets, foods with added sugar. If you care about getting clear, you can will yourself not to eat sugary foods.

  5. Alright, question Databased:

    I've decided to go on the Zinc regimen to see if it can finally push me over the edge to completely clear skin. I ordered some of that Now Brand Zinc Picolinate and my question is this:

    I generally eat a big meal at night before I go to sleep. Because I have cut dairy out of my diet, I always take two calcium tablets. I generally take them with my meals. When exactly should I take the Zinc? I'm planning on taking 50mg a day (1 pill). Thanks in advance.

  6. "Most" people on the board say anything over 100 mg and you should take copper. I think it would be a good idea to take some copper from time to time, maybe 1-2 mg with the dosage of Zinc that you are taking (30mg). The thing to remember is that copper is basically a trace element and not a lot is needed. So again, 1-2mg of copper should be fine with the amount of Zinc that you are taking.

  7. Cheerios - Should be fine except for maybe the sugar in it (yes Cheerios have sugar in them)

    pancakes w syrup (haven't been eating lately because of sugar in syrup) - Pancakes are often made with buttermilk and have dairy products in them. If dairy gives you breakouts, you have to avoid this.

    Black eyed peas - They should be fine

    popcorn - Buttered popcorn? I would avoid this.

    oatmeal - Shouldn't be an issue.

    peanut butter and jelly sandwiches _ Some people claim to break out from peanut butter. I'd be more worried about the sugary jelly than anything.

    eggs - Should be fine.

    tuna sandwich - Should be fine. If dairy causes you to break out, make sure the bread you're using doesn't contain milk (lots of breads contain milk).

    goldfish - Again, dairy may be a problem.

    peanuts (after going to Texas Roadhouse and eating large amounts of salty peanuts I broke out in two days) - I don't know what Texas Roadhouse is but if you suspect a food is causing you to break out, you should avoid eating it.

    Grapes, apples, bananas - Good.

    broccoli, corn, cabbage, salads - Good.

    Everyone is different. If I ate those foods my skin would be seriously f*cked. I eat bread that doesn't contain milk, red meat, chicken, salad (without dressing), fruits, rice, black beans, etc. I don't eat any dairy or anything with "artificial" sugar in it (i.e. not sugar from fruit).

  8. I know sugar from candy breaks me out (I remember eating Sour Patch Kids candy and breaking out like crazy) but sugar from fruits like bananas and apples doesn't have any bad effects on my skin. What exactly is the difference between the two?

    Anyways, my other question is this. Yesterday, I ate some Oscar Meyer Turkey that comes in the little packages and noticed that it in the ingredients information it has "2% or less of sugar" contained in it. Exactly what kind of sugar is this and would this cause me to break out the same way sugary candy does?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. I have mixed results. but i dont excersize I weight lift. before with no supplyments I felt like it had no affect on my acne. However when I started taking creatine and Protein shakes I noticed an increase in Acne.

    Protein shakes WILL increase acne especially if you get acne because of dairy (whey, casein, milk derivatives).

  10. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa boiii, you can do it! We can do it! Yes we can! :clap::D

    Anyways, EVERYONE here can relate. We all know how you feel. Just remember than in life, there will always be people who have it better off than you and there will always be people who have it worse off than you. Focus on YOU, focus on yourself. There are people starving in other countries, there are innocent kids dying in wars. There are kids who have no legs, no arms, no sight, no hearing, no touch, no voice. There are people with terminal illnesses. Just be grateful bro and don't worry because acne isn't a permanent thing!

  11. Guys, the thing you have to understand is this:

    There isn't a single acne products (creams, lotions, 3-step programs, accutane, pills, etc.) that will CURE you of acne. All of these creams such as Dan's, Proactiv, Murad's, do not actually PREVENT acne. Actually, to some degree, they may prevent new breakouts. However, acne is a complex skin condtion, it goes way beyond cleansing.

    To the TC, none of these products you read about on this website are going to rid you of your acne for good. I hate to break your hopes, I'm just trying to kick down the myths and feed you the facts. You have to figure out why YOU specifically have acne. Acne has may causes and the reason why there isn't a clear-cut cure is because everybody's acne is different. One factor that causes me to get breakouts may not for you. Some say diet doesn't cause acne, others do. The thing is, it depends on the person. Me personally, if I eat dairy products, my skin explodes. My brother, who does have some breakouts, can eat all the dairy he wants and it doesn't affect him. I cannot stress this enough, ACNE IS DIFFERENT FROM PERSON TO PERSON!

    Here are some helpful tips I can give you:

    1) Learn to cut down the stressors in your life. Learn to cope with pressure and stress. For every dark night there's a brighter day. Joy wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for pain. You have to understand that you most likely will never have "BAD" acne your entire life. It will usually get better with time. Stop worrying about it so much, worrying doesn't do anything.

    2) Cut out dairy in your diet for a month and see how it affects your skin. Read food labels, make sure nothing you're eating has dairy in it (this can be really hard to do as almost everything has dairy in it or may have come into contact with dairy. Say for example you make a salad and put it in a bowl that previously had yogurt or something in it, you could be getting some traces of milk.

    3) Also cut out greasy foods, cakes, chips, overly-fried foods out of your diet.

    4) Wrap your pillow with a clean towel or shirt or cloth of some sort when you sleep so you aren't sleeping on dirty sheets.

    5) Use your acne cleanser twice a day like regular.

    6) Avoid unnecessary sun exposure.

    There are other things to consider but I really can't remember what they are. Just try this out and see how your skin reacts.

    And please, don't listen to some douche that comes in and says "ZOMG don't do what CWtheGreat said, DIET has NO DIRECT CORRELATION WITH ACNE!!11!!!11"

    Just try it out and see how it works (unless you have already tried this).

    Hope this helps and good luck bro.


    Seriously, even when I think I've beaten acne, this #^@& keeps creeping back on me. So, let's see....

    I'm 20 years old (21 in a month). I've had acne since I was probably 14-15 years old. I've literally changed my LIFE to combat acne and for the most part I "had" it under control. Let's take a look at all the sacrifices I've made:

    -I eat the same $&@# everyday to "avoid" acne. I don't eat: Dairy, fried foods, anything with dairy in it, greasy foods, candy, cake, etc, etc.

    -I never drink alcohol anymore.

    -I never go to the beach anymore or stay outdoors when the sun is out unless I'm working.

    -Don't do a bunch of other things.

    So, I do all this and I don't get breakouts and things are great. I still have some red spots and some minor scarring to deal with, no biggie. I'm going good for about 3-4 months and my confidence is raging and I'm chillin.... Then this. In the past 2 days I get 4 new pimples, mostly in "dangerous" areas (upper-cheeks where scarring is highly likely). So now I'm like, "WTF," I haven't done anything "wrong."

    This just doesn't end. Looking back on this post, this post isn't even going anywhere. I'm not even sure why I'm posting this.


    Anyways, this sucks. I've also lurked on this website for a while and had a seperate account but I don't remember what it was so i re-registered.

    Thanks for reading.