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  1. Month 7 (25 days to go!!): So I haven't written anything for a while now, and thought I'd do a final update before I complete my course. Month 6 saw me only have the odd little blemish (after squeezing a clogged pore) and a couple of 'nothing' blackheads (on my body). Though the whole time, I've had this one zit reappear on the back of my neck (almost every 3 weeks it reappears!), but apart from that the only other skin imperfections are tiny blackheads on my body (maybe only a handful of them
  2. End of 5 months (150 days!): Visited the derm yesterday after completing my 5th month (and my second month of 60mg). None of my liver enzymes or cholesterol etc. were elevated (usually I have 1 liver enzyme that is slightly elevated), which is good news, as it means I can continue the 'tane! My skin has definitely continued improving, although it was weird, at the start of the month I had 3 fairly large (red and swollen) zits appear on my body - one on each arm, and the other around my collar
  3. Day 117 (almost at the end of 4 months!): So I went to the dermatologist yesterday who told me that one of my liver enzymes was more elevated than normal (it is always at the higher end of normal anyway), but not significant enough to prevent me continuing with my course. I guess it could be because I'm on 60mg now instead of 40mg? I went to Costco today to pick up my prescription: $346 for 30 day supply of Sotret. That is well over $100 cheaper than I paid at Rite Aid last month for exactly t
  4. Day 103: Since I started taking 60mg at the start of this month (month 4) I have noticed that my skin is definitely even drier than before and have had a little eczema on the top of my right hand/wrist, but have got rid of that with moisturizing (Aquaphor worked fastest on it). As for the acne, I have only had a few super tiny little blemishes on my shoulders, but my body is virtually 100% zit-free and I can happily wear sleeveless shirts now and know that I don't have any zits on my arms! M
  5. Start of Month 4: Having finished 3 months - the last 2 of which I was on 40mg (up from 30mg the first month) - I can say that I am pretty much zit-free! I have only had a handful of zits this past month (1 on my face, 2 on my chest and 2 on my back), and although I have had maybe 6 or so very tiny little comedones form on my left cheek these are so small and dry now, and just a little squeeze gets rid of them. However, I am waiting until I no longer even get those (as with my right cheek). I
  6. Day 65: So things are still going well, though I am still getting the odd pimple here and there and still have some comedones forming on my face - though they squeeze out easily and take a while to come back. However, the fact that my skin is not 100% means that I will up my dosage next month. I know that I said I would up it to 60mg this month, but I am going home to England for 2 weeks for Christmas with my fiancee and decided to play it safe and stick with 40mg as there are no side effects
  7. Hey, thanks. It's good to know people are actually reading this blog! It'll be nice to have a record of it for myself too. I was going to do the 20mg, but the smallest my derm could give me was 30mg, and now I'm on 40mg and so far so good. The reason I have been wanting to do a low dose is to avoid the harsh side effects, and so far (knock on wood!) my side effects have just been limited to dry lips, which aquaphor and chapstick fix anyway. Like I say, I think I'll try going up to 60mg next mo
  8. Day 42: So this past week or so of being on 40mg has seen my body continue to clear with the odd swollen blemish appearing (one on my arm and one on my chest), but they have now virtually gone in less than a week. I have also been having a few zits appear on my face and neck this past week, in places that always used to break out every couple of weeks before the 'tane, but are now much smaller and don't seem to have any substance to them when I squeeze them. I figure this is a sign that those
  9. End of week 4 (30 x 30 mg pills taken). So I have just been to the dermatologist today and my tests were all good and she's really happy with how it is going and so am I! We've decided to go up to the 40 mg per day just to help ensure that my acne continues to improve and stays gone after my treatment. In the last 2 weeks I have had a few more very tiny plugged pores and fine blackheads come to the surface of my body mainly and had the first pimple appear on my face for about a 1-2 weeks (on m
  10. Day 21: So I am almost zit-free right now, with only the odd tiny little blemish which seem to disappear very quickly All my skin is now much much less oily (including my forehead, forearms, temples, neck, jawline, and chest). The plugged pores on my body seem to be shrinking all the time, and are coming to the surface more as the skin dries out. I have no inflamed zits and my skin is becoming smoother and more even toned all over my face and body. I go to the dermatologist in about 9 days
  11. Day 14: So around day 12 I noticed that my forehead is becoming quite a lot less oily, and takes much longer to get oily after I shower. It now takes probably 16-20 hours before I notice it is oily again, and even then it is not so oily. Overall my skin is looking very good, and virtually all of my clogged pores are now clear and I only have a few red marks left. I've had a couple of very small zits appear on my left jaw but they are only very minor and not large and swollen like they used to
  12. Well, it's a low dose for me - I'm 6' 1" and 185lbs. So I'm under 0.5mg/kg (0.36MG/kg to be precise!). I'll add that my acne is mild, but very persistent and when it broke out bad it could be classified as moderate. I mainly suffer from lots of clogged pores, which I usually end up squeezing and then get blemishes as a result. Though recently I was getting more than just blocked pores (whiteheads I guess) and was getting out-and-out zits. I also get some zits on my body too. I workout a lot an
  13. Day 10: So I've just taken my tenth 30mg pill (I'm taking just one a day), and here's what I've noticed so far: After about 3 or 4 days I noticed that my nose is not as oily as it usually is. Also, I have noticed my lips are a little drier than usual, but chapstick seems to do the trick. I use aquaphor occasionally. Over the 10 days I've had a few small zits emerge, but no worse a breakout than I've had before 'tane, though I've maybe had a few very small zits appear in places I normally don'
  14. Andersoj: I thought you got clear of acne being on 30 mg a day accutane? How long did you do this for and how is your acne now compared to before? I just started my first month of 30 mg a day a few days ago and may go up to 40 mg. Wanting to know how successful it is?
  15. Just started taking 30 mg per day accutane for mild/moderate persistent acne. On this for first month and may bump it up to 40 mg a day after that. I'll do this for at least 4 months and a maximum of 6 months. Will keep this updated as I go along.