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  1. Try using tin foil to line the inside of the goggle, or tape tin foil to the outide, and that will totally stop all light from coming through the plastic, if that's what's happening. Regards, Dan
  2. Don't let this "condition" dictate your life. As a parent with a child who is dealing with this, I do understand. A lot of people are alone in the world, and it's not because of acne, so try your best to stay optimistic and keep persepective on the blessings you have been given! I appreciate that you are going to let us know your experience with fraxel. This is a treatment that holds great promise for acne scarring. I have read a lot about it and wondered if you will be getting the Fraxel
  3. So glad this worked out for you. Hope others will benefit as well. Best regards, Dan
  4. Thanks for continuing to experiment with the lights. I really appreciate your efforts and "scientific" approach to this. If you figure out something that works, maybe my daugher will take the two lights back again! Too bad we did not hear back from our other tester. Hope nothing bad happened to him! -Dan I think these lights can still be very beneficial when we figure out proper exposure. From the testing that has been conducted, I believe we can conclude that daily usage is likely to
  5. Really great news. I hope your posts will help others make the choice to try this before accutane. My daughter's acne was much worse than your initial picture, and she was significantly cleared for a long time. Best of luck as time goes on. -Dan
  6. Well, there are several possibilities, but none are particularly rosy. One, the ebay light is not the correct frequency; two the ebay light is too weak, or three, we do not have the exposure figured out (i.e., whether it works better once per week, twice a week, or every day). The doctor office light machines usually recommend one treatment per week, but I cannot explain why that would be the case. Sorry this did not work out as hoped. Thanks for trying the lights, and for helping others t
  7. THank you very much for reporting your results. Glad this worked for you. -Dan
  8. I think that the light treatment has been shown to be effective in some, but certainly not all people. There is no way to know without trying. I believe Verilux allows you to try it with return privileges, 12 weeks and they will refund return shipping. So I guess you have nothing to lose but time. If you do try it, please report back on your results, as we are trying to assess some of these alternative light sources. I wrote Naturebright and found that their six light fluorescent tube sy
  9. A very prominent dermatologist told me flat out that acne is a trial and error game. The effects of blue light on the PAcnes bacteria is a complex process. Sort of like the fact that even though antibiotics work on some, they don't on others, even though antibiotics definitely kill bacteria. However, studies seem to bear out that about 70% get good results with Clearlight or Blu-U typically. The doctor office lights (not talking lasers here!!) definitely cannot hurt you, so I say try it and
  10. Hi Heather: It's a crime what insurance WILL pay for while not paying for acne treatments! My daughter got good results from a series of 8 light treatments, basically once per week using the Lumenis CLearlight machine (same basic product as Blu-U). THere is no danger or side effect from this light only treatment. The research on this shows about 70 percent get clearing results, and the long term benefit varies, with some clearing for a long time. No way to know until you try, so best of l
  11. Countdown is correct, but I would be interested to know if you personally believe you get any results from doing this. The Infrared bathroom flood lights might not be just the right frequency, but since they can't hurt you as far as I know, why not try it? Just watch out for your eyes (protect them from any bright lights). Are you planning to lay on the floor for exposure? Acne is a trial and error game... We are all Thomas Edisons' here.... You may discover something new! -Dan
  12. Kallista: No sugary words here, but as a parent of a child who suffers from acne, I can tell you that I would trade places with her in a heartbeat if God offered the deal to me. Sometimes our own thoughts are worse than the thoughts of others. During some of her worst teenage acne breakouts, pictures show my sweet daughter smiling and happy, and I knew then that she understood she is loved unconditionally. Yes, most who do not suffer from acne cannot possibly understand the pain and disc