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  1. again, another horribly presumptuous statement with absolutely no backing. haha i dont need any backing up listen i guarantee i know more than u. Who neeed stcientific BACKIGN?? scientists say that diet has nothing to do with acne, and im sure many ppl do not agaree with that backing is bulshit, I have personal experience and i have noticed other people. MCDONALDS DOESNT CAUSE ACNE!
  2. when u didnt have acne didnt u wanna always work with the pretty girl? Probably because when ppl dont have acne, most people dont tend to think of shallowness because they are flawless as well. Having acne changes a person, and how they start viewing ppl, not on looks anymore because the acne person doesnt really look as good anymore. Im not judging the acne person or anythign towards you just in general
  3. I have been on this regimen before, i had to stop it, i didnt put water on my face for 2 weeks. It worked decently but not as well as my new regimen. Just water for me is so much beter, If this is not working for u, dont think it is the cure to acne, try something else. What i do is take a shower only after exercises. Exercising and showernig after is soooo important its helping so much, im almost all clear Ill be outa this forum soon. When im done ill post my regimen. Anyway my point in this
  4. facial hair has a lot to do with acne, especially if you are still prematurely growing it, like me i shave a lot or else i look like a rapist, but its not on a level where i would shave every other day. Once you have facial hair grown fully and you have to shave once every other day, you will not have acne anymore. I think its just because growing facial hair irritates the root of the skin and causes acne, or it has to do something with hormones, since most ppl grow facial hair at their acne st
  5. mcdonalds is fine every once in a while but thats not what is breaking you out, before when u used to not break out from mcdonalds, youre hormones were probably more stabalized tahts it.
  6. I experienced getting clear while having more calories at once but eating less often and digesting food a lot slower... went #2 only once every few days... Avoiding some foods does work. that was a fluke
  7. Meat pirate i beleieve is on the eright track about the digestive syustem This guy i beleive is on the right track. Its all about digesting, tome i dont beleive it has anything to do with different foods.. That sounds ridiculous, cutting down on foods. What you should try is splitting meals up so u eat more times a day but in less quantities each time. And dont eat fast. Also try to keep the last meal u ate at night not to distant from ur breakfast in the next morning. Thats all i can say, ever
  8. salt water is nothing like BP, salt water will heal u so much better
  9. im sorry guys but braddd is totally right, maybe if accutane did cause some hair loss, it proabbly just sped up the process, men go bald eventually. Not all, but most. I have a cousin whos 20 and almost completly bald with no accutane. Look at ur relatives or family members if they have balding in their genes, sucks for u but im the same. If u noticed ur hairline was receeding before the ttreatment, it wasnt accutanes fault
  10. i dont think we will need a cure in the future because we will know how to prevent it. People with acne get acne because they are doing something wrong that doesnt correspond with their bodies.
  11. the eating less part has nothing to do with acne.. no one has yet to realize this but im definatly getting to something about food. It plays a huge role. Its not about how much or what u eat, but more about when you eat. Breakfast lunch dinerr with some snacks.
  12. yep i aet fastfood every day and my acne is getting better just because i eat right portions and at right times
  13. I beleive i have found a few things to end acne and i want to share it with everyone. For those who dont beleive dont leave unecessary comments just dont try it. Here it goes. Ill make it short. 1. Eat meals orderly and on time every day. Eat breakfast lunch and dinner. What i mean by orderly is have meals between 8 hour intervals. I eat breakfast at 8 lunch at 12 dinner at 6-7 and a snack at 11pm. The biggest mistake people make is sleeping too long between night time and breakfast. I used to
  14. one more key thing that has worked for me! I always thought of why so many videogamers have acne. and its not because the ppl that have acne choose to play videogames... So ive also tried changing that habit and have been doing plenty of new things. Now i am always doing something and keeping my blood circulated. I do this because i am a videogamer and i have acne and i wonder why so many of us do have acne all i can think about is we just sit down in one spot for hours. Think about this one too