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  1. great news im happy for you, maybe ill give it a try
  2. Thanks for the reply. I currently hace Salicylic Acid in my regimen. Wash with 2% Sa Pat try and let air dry Vinegar Apply bp Should I use the tape method, would that help any? I had oily skin, changed my diet and no more oily skin. For me the soda or the junk food I was eating was making my skin oiley, now no more soda or junk food. My main problem is like the area right above my eyes, if you draw a line, in their is my problem area
  3. i have the same problem, i try to itch with a tissue but sometimes i just gotta touchit.. its weird becuz its the areas where i dont put on bp
  4. i didnt see 1 person with acne, all perfect skin
  5. lol no, ill be starting school and i dont want to look all dried out and shit, if i was on summer break 3 months earlier maybe. but my conditition is light with whiteheads and moderate with blackheads FREAKING BLACKHEADS
  6. im using clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub, gone through my first tube in about 9 days.. not seeing much difference i think, what else should i use? please help, i have shitloads of these , thx in advance
  7. my brothers had acne till they were 20, is their any way my acne will stop before im 16? im 14 now
  8. When I see my doctor in a couple weeks, what should I ask her for treatment of acne? Last time she put me on doxy or something i forgot for 1 month, 200mg a day and it helped a little but not enough
  9. I think it drys them out, but then again im new here. how does bp not work for blackheads when people have been on the regimen with whiteheads and blackheads and are 99% clear?
  10. bp has helped with my whiteheads definately, their gone in 3 or 4 days at the most usually but im not sure if its the blackhead elimating clearing scrub or the bp thats getting rid of my blackheads, im not sure its working it seems to be
  11. I use SA, wash off pat dry a little and let dry, then like 15 mins later or so i apply alot of bp.. what else should i do?