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  1. yea @ like 1 - 2 new ones a week? are they cysts or white heads(both) ..small whitheads on back and sometimes on chest too but those are nothing ...moslty worried about the ones on my face.. im a male im 28 years old and i weight around 156 ...5'9 ive only used 10% benzoyl peroxide by Clean & Clear ....
  2. please answer my questions if you have the answers to them ... will a dermatologist prescribe me accutane if i get like 7 pimples a month ? if so how much will the dosage be ? so the higher the dosage the more expensive the pills will be ? and the more sife effects i can get get ?
  3. sorry for not making myself clear ..i meant a oral antibiotic Makeitmakesense your so cute
  4. ok heres my case ...i get tired of applying Clean & Clear 10% benzoyl peroxide ....everyday i mean 10% benzoyl peroxide works great for me within 2 weeks my face is clear it does the job ! ..but sometimes im just to lazy to apply it on..and i go 4 - 5 days without applying it and i start breaking out again... and i was wondering is there any antibiotic out there that is close and powerful like 10% benzoyl peroxide ? ..