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  1. Thanks for the update I think I'll write him a snaily.
  2. I'm surprised the other Dr. Y patients here say they experienced little to no pain. I think people must have different tolerances of pain or experience pain differently. The forehead (right near my hair line) was considerably painful for me and the areas around my eyes and around my lips. I'm such a scardy cat too... I tried watching the vid, and I couldnt even get past the shots I got so nauseous. It was likely one of the scariest things I've ever done in my life but I knew I was in the ver
  3. I was very worried about Cassandra as she lives in very hard hit Slidell, LA (east of New Orleans). *phew* - whenever anyone sees/speaks to those guys again please give them a big hello from Chris in Maine. It probably will be a while before his office opens as I saw Napoleon Ave. was under at least 5 feet of water at least in the part that I saw. I'm a New Orleans area native and its really painful to see Southeast Louisiana's devastation from Katrina. If you are able to help out, donatin
  4. Hi All, I'm here for a short moment to make a return from the dead Sorry I haven't been here in a while, I became overwhelmed with my work and had a move in between and relationship issues, etc... (ugh, life). Anyway, I wanted to give a little update here, I thought it would also be a good thing if I took a break from the board and let some time pass to assess the results more accurately. As you may know, my dermabrasion was on Dec. 20, 2004. As of today I still maintain significant impro
  5. ...and just where in the hell have you been? (j/k)
  6. I find this thread rather amusing. I actually kinda liked Meet Pete's arrogance. It gave the board some flavor. I do think he is also very intelligent and knows a great deal about scars and revision techniques. Unfortunately, I kinda have to agree with Shade in that the repercussions of Meet Pete's negative dermabrasion experience has scarred him in a different way. I think it has severely narrowed his thoughts and understanding on the procedure. That is truly unfortunate. We are all here
  7. OK, The acne explosion I had a couple of days ago is already responding very well to the prescriptions Dr. Y gave me. The inflamation is down like 80% or more. No more pustules. Everything is subsiding. My face no longer feels irritated. Out of the 45 very active zits I had just 2 days ago I only can count 19 now and those are much less inflamed and noticeable. *phew* What a #%*#&!^ roller coaster this has been!