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  1. How does her asshole taste ? Let me know once you pull your tongue out.
  2. Nobodys more intelligent than me. Im a fucking brain box who knows everything You should read my posts because you might learn something.
  3. None cant you read or something ? Damn shame that your gay and dumb your family must be so proud.
  4. Why do things the hard way ? Id rather just take steroids than eat carbs, protein etc Id still lift but id take roids as well.
  5. Yeah i got owned by a loser, sure nobody like that dickless bitch can own me. Stop crying and feeling sorry for yourself. Im not a coward i dont cry and write down my feelings like a pussy dont confuse yourself with me you chicken shit.
  6. why are you talking to me ? if you dont like me then dont reply to my posts, simple as that cock sucker.
  7. People should learn to stop being such losers acne is bad but people all over the world have real problems. These are not real problems and the thread maker is a dick.
  8. Because i want to get bigger why the hell else would i take them ?
  9. Awe c'mon man, don't be an idiot. Im so tired of reading people crying I hate people that make topics like this so its true i really do hate this person.
  10. What a shit topic. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and sort yourself out you pussy.