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  1. This is how I see it. I don't have a medical degree, so I cannot legally give advice, but I can share my perspective on the subject. When you eat hot foods, foods that are spicy, your body must make 'cooling' biological compounds in order to reduce the heat. The hot foods can be referred to as anti-inflammatory, because they cause anti-inflammatory or 'cooler' biological compounds to be produced in order to maintain homeostasis or regularity within the body/cell. So eating a lot of spicy foo
  2. End of day 5 and I have fewer pimples than I've had in a long time. From a distance of maybe 5 feet my skin looks flawless, one more week and I should be where I want to be. I can even use the mask and the moisturizer instead of after shave and it makes my skin sooo smooth. Just as smooth if not smoother than an expensive after shave. The turmeric mask also helps with my complexion. It sort of turns my skin a slightly darker color, which makes it look better. It blends the color tone of my
  3. You can still search for foods with the highest/lowest IF rating. They just changed the site around. On the main page, under tools, go to 'food category explorer', there is an option on that page to search for foods with the highest/lowest IF rating.
  4. Yeah, it is. But I have had this shit for too damn long, and as human beings are driven by desire, it's time to get rid of it. I went out fishing today and got about 4 hours of sun, and my pimples look even better. I notice that my pimples come out and disappear/heal much faster. For instance, when I woke up this morning, I had 3 white heads that were barely being held in place because so much puss wanted to creep out. Popping them was easy, and I didn't have to squeeze to get the hard whit
  5. So I have been struggling with mild acne for about a year now. I had a problem with pimples maybe five years ago, but it was usually only a few pimples on my face, and once in a while a huge one that would turn out to be like 3 pimples in the same spot, otherwise known as a carbuncle. Recently, it has been much worse, with maybe 20 pimples or red blemishes on my face and neck at any given time. I am 23 years old now, will be 24 in a month. I tried many cures, like everyone else, but couldn't