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  1. Hey how do you guys differentiate acne from pityrosporum and what's the difference between them in terms of symtoms and how to cure them Thanks in advance:)
  2. hey just a question on antibiotic resistance. i used this topical gel before earlier last year from around march to may then i start to develop white bumps on the side of my face then i stopped using for a while until now. How do you know if you have antibiotic resistance after using the clindamycin how long do you have to wait to see whether you have a antibiotic resistance and how do you test if you have a antibiotic resistance . thanks
  3. Day 10 Cleared a little but still having some small pimples around the cheeks other than that skin looking very good and healing.
  4. I have the same problem as you small little bumps that may seem minor but they are just imperfections to your face. I have clear skin once and the feeling was great but now they came back and ruin my life haha but hey i guess they will clear soon so dont be too caught up with them yeah. i also in the same regimen as you just that i add in drinking Apple Cider Vinegar 3 x 2 tbsn per day. Best of luck
  5. Hi i think its a little to late to start this log but i feel that it is necessary to start so yeah. i have been on this regimen of drinking Apple Cider Vinegar 2tbspn 3X a day and topical Clindamycin 1% and Benzoyl Peroxide 5% for about 1 week. Morning: 2tbspn of ACV topical Clindamycin1% Around mid afternoon: Wash with water then apple BP for around 1 hr then apply Clindamycin plus 2 tbsn of ACV Night:2 tbsp ACV wash with water then apple BP for around 1 hr then apple Clindamycin then sleep
  6. Yes, it is the same as eating the antibiotic after meal in fact eating it together with the food may increase the absorption of the antibiotic into the body.
  7. Anyone used this and have any side effects? How long to see the effects of this antibiotics?
  8. Hmmm so antibiotic resistance normally occur after use of topical clindamycin 1% of a duration of 1.5 years - 2 years? so i should stop using clindamycin and change to clindamycin + Bp? must i get a prescription for it just like clindamycin? or is there an over the counter product with the same contents.
  9. Hey, i was just wandering if you would develop antibiotic resistance after around 5-6 months of topical Clindamycin gel1% thanks.