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  1. mild acne here on accutane have your doctor work you into the course aka start with 10mg a day for a week.. then 20.. then 30.. then 40... then 60 the 2nd month.. then 70 for the rest of the course. this will ensure no IB.. atleast i didnt have one thats what i did.. im on my 3rd months and have only had prob 1 or 2 decently annoying breakouts. i would give it a go.. ive been clear for about 2 weeks now.. i love it. good luck
  2. say u've tried every possible thing and ur last derm wouldnt prescribe u accutane. if he asks where just say no idea where it was or ur mom knows or w/e. make a list of all the creams.. tv products.. antibiotics.. vitamins.. w/e u can and just show em. example, differin, proactiv, mino/doxycyclin... vitamin a/b/c/e.. more u say u have done, better the chance. and the benefits of accutane highly outweigh the side effects. gl
  3. want to get rid of it so you can have a good high school experience? go straight for accutane. i suffered from 15-18.. and now im on my 3rd month of ACCU and completely clear. ive trieeeeddd everything mino/doxycyclin, chem peels, differin, proact, acnefree whatever go on accu u wont regret it. side effects are MINOR compared to the benefits.
  4. hey. i felt your pain, about 3 months ago. I'm starting my 3rd month of accutane, and my face is CLEAR. Nothing left but marks, I wakeup and sometimes don't even run straight to the mirror. Start accutane, it will be over in 5 months before acne completely ruins the time you have as a young adult. My side effects: Dry Skin Dry Lips Lower Back Pain Nothing I couldn't deal with for the rest of MY LIFE to stay acne free. Go on accutane, and I swear you will NEVER regret it.
  5. i never had bad acne in the first place. but it killed my self esteem. i went in, asked for accutane, set it up.. and im on like my 50th day i think and completely clear with 1-2 here and there. its worth it.. and ive been on everything from proactiv and acnefree to retin A, duac, differin, mino, doxyciclin. all a load of bullshit. go accutane if u want it over with asap
  6. once again, asking for help. im sure someone on here knows more than me? or maybe not.
  7. accutane is great and only side effects i have are dry lips dont listen to this idiot
  8. im on day 45 of acctuane, at 70g a day male, 18 y/o im still washing my face twice a day with saliyicic acid and using the Tanda light therapy. any opinions on if i should cut down on the washing etc? my skin is dry, but not intolerable. lips are alright. went from about 20 actives to 2-3 in about 45 days. please let me know. thanks.
  9. I have been a acne sufferer for only 2-3 years, but it has been the most devastating years of my life. This past month I began acctuane, screw every other damn bullshit scam solution out there, my mother has spent over 2000$ trying to cure me over a few months. I went from 20+ actives to I know have 2 or 3 and I'm only on my 45th day. Go on accutane immediately, it will solve your problem. And if it doesn't, im very very sorry, but it has helped me so much and I just wish everyone would just D
  10. yo man i feel you, my mom has spent over 2000$ on various kits, products, laser surguries, tanda, quazars.. all this light shit. If you have persistant acne, the ONLY cure is accutane. it isn't close to as bad as people say it is.. im on 70g a day and its my 45th day and im almost clear.. went from prob 15-20 actives and im down to 2ish.. prob will be gone in a day or two. it truely was a life saver, schedule your appointment and start your course.. in 5 months you can be almost clear or clea