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  1. DAY 15 The bubbles are rising to the top of the cauldron. As you can see form the pic (taken yesterday), a few serious whiteheads have emerged, but there's some consolation to be found in the fact that they leave pretty swiftly. The red marks they leave behind, though, linger on. My side effects are much the same as they were. I'm still doing the olive oil/honey treatment daily, which, despite being a bitch to orchestrate, seems to be worth it. I had a couple of days of moderate muscle a
  2. PS: Yes, I use a mild shampoo; it's enough to get all the goop out, without getting too much out. ooh that sounds like it would be amazing. how long do you leave it on for? and do you rise it out with just water, or shampoo it out?
  3. Hey, I'm wondering if there are any vitamins or supplements that are supposed to ward off the potential hair thinning/loss... I don't have a lot of 'wiggle room,' as they say, so I'll happily seek out any remedy I can find.
  4. yeah, i've actually come to really like it. i put it on my (dry) hair as soon as i wake up, and leave it in while i eat breakfast and check email, etc., until i get my shower. that's usually about an hour, but i would guess that thirty minutes would probably do the trick. one tip: even though the honey keeps it more or less in place, some of the oil will sometimes imperceptibly trickle down, so i'd suggest either doing it sans chemise (i.e., without a shirt on) or with an old shirt you don't
  5. I'm on Day 12 of my Amnesteem (such a pandering name), still at 40mg/day, but will be upping in a couple of days to alternating doses of 40 and 80. I've reacted pretty well so far--mostly just the chapped lips and a really dry scalp, both of which I've found temporary remedies for. No serious stomach problems at all, though I very, very occasionally feel just a tinge crampy, but I think it's probably just these high fat meals ;-) However, I'm beginning to feel a bit achey. My back aches a
  6. Dry scalp has been the worst side effect so far for me. It wasn't just dry and flaky, but tingly and itchy. I actually found that mixing the olive oil with honey and milk (all equal parts), massaging it into hair, then covering it with saran wrap has done amazing things. Not only is my scalp not irritated, there are no flakes, and my hair is shiny. I think it might work better than olive oil alone. Good luck!
  7. DAY 12 Two more days of 40mg/day before I up it to alternating between 40 and 80. I wonder if it'd be better if I was just taking 30mg, twice a day every day. So hard to know when I'm doing what's medically best, or when I'm just doing what my pharmacy keeps on hand. No serious side effects that I've registered. Other than the usual dry lips and scalp, I'm feeling a little bit of soreness in my joints, and the classic lower back stiffness, partic. at night. Wonder if there's a way to alle
  8. Hey, thanks for your note on my log-- Yeah, the IB sucks, but I sorta like the drama of it. Thunder and lightning before the rainbow, etc etc. That said, I'm thinking about going back on the Retin-A if it'll soothe some of this... BTW, I noticed you take a zinc supplement... Did your derm recommend this? I'm just curious if I ought to look into taking one. Oh, and thanks for the Aquaphor tip. My lips and scalp got really dry; the scalp I fixed more or less, but the lips are still parch
  9. Dear Sunrise, A question: I notice in your signature that you use a calcium supplement. Is this suggested? For both men and women? Curious, BPB
  10. Day 10 Things are clearly bubbling to the surface--at least one cyst, and a number of more superficial things... I've attached a pic of the most active area, my chin. (Could've used a shave before taking the pic...) As for supplements, I'm taking about 1800mg of EPA/DHA from the fish oil, and 400IU of Vitamin E. Anything I'm missing?
  11. I've been reading other people's Accutane logs and found them so helpful that I decided it'd be worth keeping one of my own. It's great to find such a community for this sort of thing. I've had acne since I was 14 or so, and it reached a pretty serious point when I was 18. My face was seriously infected, and a doctor put me on Prednisone for a week, followed by Minocycline (100mg, twice a day), with benzoyl peroxide and Retin-A as topicals. That worked for about a year, quite nicely in fact,