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  1. Yea you do have a good point honestly, and thats just the way the world works. We can't create our own Utopian societies where everyone is perfect, I just wish people would be more careful when they have kids and weigh the pros and cons (overall), for not only how their life will change, but how their kid will grow up. But good stuff, hopefully people will read this and if they get nothing from it, at least they will see people who disagree on things can have a discussion without killing each o
  2. On a side note, (if thats you in your profile picture) you are pretty cute and I love you're hair. Afros are really hot and I wish more girls would wear them.
  3. Now I dont want to seem like I am trying to change your mind, I am only responding because you say its unintelligent to have this stance. (which is your opinion and is fine to have) But it seems,the way you are looking at is, is as if everything will be perfectly A-OK for the kid. You do realize you are on a message board right now, that has an entire forum dedicated to the psychological effects of acne right? How is it unintelligent to try and prevent a person you are bringing into this w
  4. Are you people serious? Don't have kids because of acne? How illogical is that...that's like telling people with cancer, diabetes, or some other disease not to reproduce. Just get them treatment if they have acne, and keep it moving. I'm really shocked by the ludicrous responses in this thread... Now I see what you are saying, and where you are coming from, but thats looking at it from a strictly personal standpoint. Why even give birth if your family has a history of those things? All yo
  5. Just to play devil's advocate, my question is why risk it? I ask because I would like to know what makes giving birth to a kid so important to you (not to you directly, its a general question for anyone to answer) that you would feel as though its worth risking passing on what you know would be "bad" genetic traits, knowing the possibility it will make your kids life that much harder. (along with all the other hardships life has piled on)? On a side note, I am a stand up comedian, and find t
  6. Now I know alot of people are not going to agree with me on this, and that is quite alright. But in this day in age because of all the pain and suffering and genetic disorders and just plain shitty genes running around through peoples family backgrounds, I really wish people would either a) think twice about having kids just because "they" want them. I dont think people should have kids just to have them. We have gotten to the point where not everyone needs to reproduce for the safety of our
  7. I have pretty moderate to bad Acne scarring along wih enlarged pores. Now i have this one scar on my face which is on the side of my cheek which seems to be getting longer? It started out as maybe a box scar and is now about twice as long. At first i figured it was just two scars that somehow connected but from what i see now, it seems that connecting scars is not the case. The scar is about twice as long as it was and almost looks like a smiley face smile ) like that as it has a sort of boxy c
  8. I don't watch it really, I watched his sitcom alot though and that's where I saw his skin in bad shape. I was flicking through the channels tonight and decided to watch tonight's talk show episode and that's when I noticed how amazing his skin looked I purposely tried to watch his head move in different angles and lighting as he moved on stage and saw very few flaws. I am on my iPod now, but when I get the chance I am going to look up some of his past talk show episodes to see if his skin has
  9. I was just watching the lopez show, the talk show, and his skin looks absolutely amazing. If anyone has ever seen the George lopez show, sitcom, in hd you know hehas really bad acne scarring. But watching his talk show and really looking at him from different angles his skin looks flawless. Now it could be he has perfect make up and lighting but that wouldn't hide all his scars alone would it? Especially since we have seen what he looks like on tv before. Well anyway what ever he did or does,
  10. Hey, I just wanted to add a cautionary tale, because like you, i too found the dollar store 2.5 BP and was so excited. I used it for about a month, and while i felt it worked just as good at say Nuetrogenas BP 2.5, I am also under the impression it made my scars worse. I say this because while using this I noticed my scars getting deeper which is something I have never noticed before using any other BP products (which I have been using for a long time). The BP i normally buy is 7 dollars wh
  11. I can live like this because life is more important then scars and acne. I wake up everyday and say this to my acne.."f*** you" and then go about my day. I dont care what people think about my scars or acne, If that is all they care about then they need some help. Its a teenage life problem, so people should understand what were going through when they see us with acne. But sadly a lot dont....mostly stuck up teenagers who think there perfect cause they have clear skin and we dont and pick on us
  12. Good stuff paul, glad to see your confidence is going up
  13. Today, woke up at about 3 pm and went to work. Came home at about 10 30 and went to sleep. Work was fine, but I started working out more and was way tired.
  14. Alot of great posts in here, and alot of sad ones. One thing I love, is looking at people I see randomly walking around while I am out, and imagining what their life is like. I know what my life is like, you know what your life is like, and often times we share more similarities then people realize. What I want to do, is a little experiment of sorts. I want to make an ongoing community journal, one that we can eventually look back on, when our experience with acne is over, and realize what we
  15. ..When you see someone with bad habits (that effect skin) that have awesome skin, when you do everything you can to avoid those habits and yours is still in a bad condition? Never smoked, never drank, eat well, take extremely good care of my skin, but its still horrible, then when I am out all I see is people who do the exact opposite, smoking, drinking, eating crap, who have perfect skin. I dont get mad at them of course, i wouldn't wish acne on anyone and I am glad they are enjoying themselv