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  1. Another month at 40 mg. The Dr gave me Retin-A to use on spots. Def not something I was expecting to use while on Accutane lol.
  2. The first month was the worst for me, with adjusting to the side effects and the initial outbreak. It gets better and easier tho! Hang in there and good luck!
  3. Hi again guys, I obviously haven't updated here in awhile. I found that my skin and side effects weren't changing enough to bother posting any updates and then I got out of the habit. I'm now more than halfway thru my 5th month, down to 40 mg now and my Dr was hoping for this to be the last month. I've still been getting a breakout here or there so the Dr said that I should continue. This month I've gotten 4 small ones along my jawline and one fairly deep one. It seems that I'm having a major
  4. My skin is the exact same way. It would be really dry right after I washed it and then would be oily within a couple of hours. The dryness could be really bad in the winter. Try to make sure you don't use too harsh of a soap. I switched to using a milder face wash and it made a huge difference. Also moisturize immedately after you wash. Your skin is used to having all that oil and then you wash it all away so it feels really dry. Your skin will respond with more oil when it gets too dry. I'm o
  5. Thought I would pop by and say hello, I see you are also from AZ. Hope you enjoyed the holidays!

  6. They explain that in their FAQ, here's a direct link: https://www.everydayminerals.com/index.php?...Itemid=52#faq32 I just got my second sample kit. I'm hoping that I just found my match with Buff Perfect. I have to wait til tomorrow to try it out in the sunlight. :D Question: I tried Bare Escentuals in a store two weeks ago and then I got my first sample kit of Everday Minerals a week ago and tried it out on my face once. How long do you think it takes to know whether or not EM is going
  7. Week 9: I spent 4 days in Colorado and the elevation paired with the cooler weather made my face flake a lot more. I used SPF85 that my friend had and had no problems with a sunburn at all. My face does get red a lot easier now than it used to. The skin on my arms and hands got extremely dry and by the time I came home I looked like I had rashes all over my arms. A few days of lotioning them up before going to bed solved the issue though. I had one small whitehead near my lip that went away aft
  8. I had another smaller breakout during my second month (around my period, something you won't have to worry about lol). But except for a decent sized one on my jaw my skin is doing well. My derm seems really happy with my progress.
  9. Well, I picked at mine so they ended up getting worse because of that. But everything would get dry and flake off eventually.
  10. Women have to wait 30 days because that's a long enough window to make sure their contraceptives are in effect. At least that's how I understand it. Also to make sure they didn't get pregnant right before that first appointment, because that wouldn't show up immediately on a pregnacy test.
  11. Haha yeah. I was sitting there while he got it ready and I was like "You're going to stick a needle into it?!?!" Luckily it didn't hurt as badly as I was expecting it to.
  12. Week 8 Had my derm appointment this morning. I seem to be having a good skin day today (I always seem to have the better days on the days when I have my appointments, of course lol). My Dr said that he liked how I was progressing and to keep everything the same. No blood test this month. I have one larger active on my right jawline with a smaller one next to it. The large spot on my chin finally flattened out and is now just a peeling spot. I've had a couple of whitehead recently, most of whic
  13. Mine was like that during the first few weeks of my course. Just be careful not to pick at anything, accutane leaves wonderful scars
  14. Week 7 Changes Since Last Week: -The large bump near the bridge of my nose stopped itching but it remains red and firm. It’s fairly large in size and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. The skin over it has started to flake a bit. -My blackheads seem a bit worse this week. I’m not sure if I had new ones appear because of hormone changes during my period or what, but the front of my nose is still pretty covered in blackheads. And this one huge blackhead that I’ve ha