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  1. I didn't always use the recommended dosage of BP because it drys out my face so much (even though I have oily skin). Once I found good moisturizers, though, I started doing the 2-pumps of BP twice a day, and that is when I would see improvement. I hope these pics help someone because I'm definitely at my ugliest here. :) No shower, no makeup, just acne! BUT it is getting better. I just started incorporating AHA a couple weeks ago too.
  2. Hey guys.......I just want to chime in because I'm so thankful to read these comments and know I'm not alone. I don't have any friends or family with acne, and this year has been my first year of having really bad skin, and it is so traumatizing. I've gotten frustrated with my husband from time to time because I feel like he doesn't understand, and the thing is, you CAN'T understand unless you've gone through it. I'm just thankful to have him because he still says I'm pretty, even though I fee
  3. I have been in the Regimen for over two months. I have definitely noticed a difference, though I had some issues with dryness. That was a problem for awhile because I couldn't use the recommended amounts of BP. Now, however, I have a better moisturizer and can use BP. I see blemishes fading, but I still have a long way to go, and I still get pimples here and there. I am just starting to incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar as well because I've read some great things about that. I am taking a tables
  4. My dermatologist said it was okay to use Tazorac and BP. She suggested I use the BP in the morning (it's actually very good for your skin) and use the Tazorac at night.
  5. Hi, Has anyone had any bad experience with Mary Kay Deep Cleanser? I was going to try it, but wanted to see if anyone had negative feedback first. Thanks!