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  1. Hello, I'm just wondering how you are doing now.

  2. I'm two weeks behind you with the same story. Moderate acne and started with 30mg per day for four weeks which cruised in. A little dry here and there which was manageable. Today I got bumped up to 65mg per day. However, by the time I'm in the 6 week mark where you are, you'll probably be on the good road. Keep positive.
  3. Just got my accutane bumped up from 30mg per day to 65mg per day. I get dry skin and dry lips, with bright facial redness. I know it won't 'double' the SEs exactly, but there's presumably a correlation between a much higher dose and the SEs?
  4. I'm on day 29, and I never had a serious breakout initially. Everyone's different, that's what a lot of people around here will keep saying.
  5. Hi, today is Monday and I have an appointment with my Derm on Friday which is my first appointment since starting accutane four weeks ago. I am taking 30mg per day, which is expected to be bumped up to 40 or 50mg on Friday. I have three tablets left, 1 x 20mg and 2 x5mg Which means after tomorrow, I'll get Wednesday and Thursday without taking any. Psychologically, I feel as though I would prefer to spread it out over the three days (20mg on Tues, 5mg on Wed and 5mg on Thurs). Or should
  6. I washed daily and never had a problem with dandruff, itchy scalps or flakes falling off. But I start taking accutane 2 weeks ago and it's became pretty itchy and flakey. I still wash daily with shower gel. Not really bothered though.
  7. Congratulations on your success. I would love to have the weight lifted from me one day, I'm delighted for you because I know what you've been through (like most of us here). I hope to follow your lead. Day 12 loyal.
  8. I'm on day 12 and I'm not sure if I've had an IB. couple of spots have appeared recently, but nothing major. I am patiently waiting for a breakout though. Just want to get it out of the way so I don't need to worry about it coming.