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  1. Accutane does not help scars, in fact it may make them worse in my case. Fractional lasers are the only thing for scarring that actually works.
  2. You look great! Cute, nice body. No scars are visible.
  3. Trying1111


    Hi, your thing says pics before, right after, and more but only one pic is posted. Can you post the results?
  4. Trying1111


    Do you have pics of after the procedure? Can you describe how the procedure went?
  5. Trying1111


    I think you're hot and lucky you have facial hair that can somewhat conceal. Your scarring is not so bad.
  6. Honestly do the accutane. I have been dealing with acne since 11 years old, and I wish I had taken accutane in high school. It would have saved me more pain and anguish later and maybe would have kept me from scarring. I am not sure it was as readily available. If you wait, and then get scars, and then take accutane it might make your scars look worse like it did to me. Now I don't break out too badly but I have awful scarring. I was scared too so I asked for the lowest dosage possible and
  7. Trying1111


    They just look a little scabbed or irritated. Leave them alone for a bit, maybe moisturize, and see in a while. They are only a few; nothing that is drastic.
  8. Good luck! Do you have problems with scarring too?
  9. Have you asked a dermatologist?
  10. I have used RetinA for many years. I used it for 4 years in my early 20s and I do think it helped a lot with breakouts and texture. But then my skin got worse with scarring appearance, due to Accutane I think. I still use it but the effect in indentation is not noticeable. I am beginning to think nothing will help with scars:(
  11. Honestly, besides the one on the temple, it's hard to see them. Don't do laser. I did it and was not happy with the results. I sometimes think it made my scarring more obvious. I think it lessened the depth very minimally, and I would have to do maybe 4 for good results, but I am not willing to do it again. My face got sooo dry after even with tons of moisurizers. Your skin is nice. I wouldn't mess with it.
  12. I feel the same way, crazy like I wish I could go into other people's bodies and view myself to know how I really look. Your scarring is very mild imo.
  13. Trying1111


    Hey, if you all could tell me how bad you think my scarring is please...scale of 1 - 10. Thank you.
  14. Trying1111

    My Scars

    Please tell me how bad the scarring is.
  15. Trying1111


    From the album: My Scars

  16. Trying1111

    Picture 055.jpg

    No worries, your skin is fine. It will get even better over time.
  17. Trying1111


    I am not sure how to rank them, but mine look the same.
  18. Trying1111

    november 2008

    You look good and very happy! Your hair is awesome dark or not too!
  19. Trying1111


    I think you look good. Minimal marks. Pretty eye color too.