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  1. Trying1111


    Honestly do the accutane. I have been dealing with acne since 11 years old, and I wish I had taken accutane in high school. It would have saved me more pain and anguish later and maybe would have kept me from scarring. I am not sure it was as readily available. If you wait, and then get scars, and then take accutane it might make your scars look worse like it did to me. Now I don't break out too badly but I have awful scarring. I was scared too so I asked for the lowest dosage possible and
  2. Trying1111

    After accutane laser

    12 months
  3. Trying1111

    Hello everyone

    Good luck! Do you have problems with scarring too?
  4. Trying1111

    Really feeling like I'm wasting time with RA MICRO

    I have used RetinA for many years. I used it for 4 years in my early 20s and I do think it helped a lot with breakouts and texture. But then my skin got worse with scarring appearance, due to Accutane I think. I still use it but the effect in indentation is not noticeable. I am beginning to think nothing will help with scars:(
  5. Trying1111

    Best treatment for my skin issues

    Honestly, besides the one on the temple, it's hard to see them. Don't do laser. I did it and was not happy with the results. I sometimes think it made my scarring more obvious. I think it lessened the depth very minimally, and I would have to do maybe 4 for good results, but I am not willing to do it again. My face got sooo dry after even with tons of moisurizers. Your skin is nice. I wouldn't mess with it.
  6. Trying1111

    whats my problem?

    I feel the same way, crazy like I wish I could go into other people's bodies and view myself to know how I really look. Your scarring is very mild imo.
  7. Trying1111

    My Scars

    Please tell me how bad the scarring is.
  8. Trying1111

    Alright here is my story.

    I would say red marks can be considered scars but can be removed without indentation. Scars are horrid indentations
  9. So raneydae, how is it going? I would be interested to see pics and/or hear about the progress. I still can't decide yet if it helped my skin or made me look worse. I am trying the ND Yag laser right now b/c I was scared to do mixto again. I still might; I just couldn't go through the pain again!!!! It's intense, isn't it? Miss Leni, how are you?
  10. Trying1111

    Flaky skin

    Maybe 8% is too high? Also, Aveeno is good. Are you drinking a lot of water too?
  11. I think you will be fine.
  12. The sun is the worst for me. Overcast is the best. I hate all light because I hate thinking of how I look and I hate the looks on other people's faces when they see how scarred I really am. I want to enjoy the sun but can't really. Funny how the light really does show all, in reality and spiritually. I frickin hate scars and skin issues. I also skip out on social events if I don't feel I can handle what I look like:(
  13. Hello My name is Margaret Jones I am new to this site but I Think I may have a product you might like to try I sell Avon and we have a system that is better than proactive and is a 3 step program to get the clear healthy skin you are looking for I have ordered one for myself and so far it is working great check out my online store and give it a whirl www.youravon.com/mjones0432 when you are on my

    1. I was on a very low dose, 20 and then 30 (5'7" female, 130 lbs) and it worked perfectly. Minimal side effects, just minor dry lips, and weird skin feeling but not bad. definitely moisturize! I was not told to, and didn't think to, so I didn't because I didn't want to break out. WELL what I found out the hard way was that accutane makes scarring WORSE. Way more noticeable, so definitly moisturize. I like cetaphil and aveeno.