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  1. How much profit will I lose if someone patents my brain cell necrosis right now? Actually, brb. I gotta go patent Newtonian Gravity before my savings account evaporates. "Ancient civilizations have also been slowly lead poisoning the shit out of themselves for millennia, but, of course that wasn't necessarily wrong." "If everyone eats their own turd, guess I have to do it to". Is Mensa International working overtime or are these typical responses from individuals in accutane denial in
  2. You have to realize the ridiculous implications of some of the positions you support. Claiming you can stop diseases through medication with unknown mechanisms of action is like me saying I can end most crime and poverty in the United States. Then I go out and kill all blacks. Or if I say I will end acne as we know it. Then I go and exterminate all persons expressing acne-bearing genes. Yea, I did what I said I would do, but did the ends really justify the means? By not incentivizing drug co
  3. Yea, and I wonder how much Big Pharma is bringing in: Do you consider 100,000 deaths/yr. extremely beneficial?
  4. Look, no one should be arguing that Isotretinoin should be taken off the market because some people had bad experiences with it. People are stating the Roche drug peddlers and entire international pharmaceutical agencies should be prosecuted/hung and Isotretinoin be taken off the market because they placed a product out of which they didn't (still don't supposedly) understand the mechanism of and sufficiently warn people of all possible complications. You should not be putting shit out on the
  5. Yes, unfortunately however, they haven't done a lot of research on how to fix it.
  6. " Scientists like to base their theories on experiment and observation of the real world…not on perceptions themselves, but on what they regard as concrete “objects of the sensesâ€. That is, they like their theories to be empirical. Mathematicians, on the other hand, like their theories to be essentially rational…to be based on logical inference regarding abstract mathematical objects existing in the mind, independently of the senses. And philosophers like to pursue broad theories of r
  7. I will also place out there that the symptoms do seem somewhat similar to Hypervitaminosis A http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypervitaminosis_a, which would make sense as retinoids are basically megadoses of vitamin A. http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/short/348/4/347 "The 1597 diary of Gerrit de Veer, which he wrote while taking refuge in the winter in Nova Zembla during an attempt to reach Indonesia by the northern passage, states that he and his men became gravely ill after eating polar-bear
  8. Was wondering if anybody has any experience, insight or knowledge on Isotretinoin's effects on skin cell renewal rates. Finished my course 2-3 years ago and I've been experiencing shedding at crazy rates from my face and scalp. Can't say for certain if it was always this bad since finishing, but all I can say is that I'm noticing it more now. Although it could be that I've been inattentive or or w/e. This is not dry skin or dehydration, etc., but the process of cellular life span accelerated
  9. Skinny persons have higher DHT:Testosterone ratio making them skinnier and more acne-prone on average
  10. "Assuredly no one will argue that there is any other method of comprehending by any regular process all true existence or of ascertaining what each thing is in its own nature; for the arts in general are concerned with the desires or opinions of men, or are cultivated with a view to production and construction, or for the preservation of such productions and constructions; and as to the mathematical sciences which, as we were saying, have some apprehension of true being—geometry and the likeâ€
  11. thanks pimp. i have even sweeter ones but i'd probably get banned if i tried using em lol

  12. nice to see this 2 month old thread has been revived and is still going strong lol
  13. nah the flouride in it decreases your intelligence though