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  1. I've had to deal with acne for as long as I could remember. I got my first zit when I was in 6th grade, and I had random breakouts on my face up until my first semester of college. That's when it got really bad. I think it was a combination of stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet that led to my skin completely freaking out. Within a matter of two weeks, my skin was red, inflamed, just COVERED with zits. I tried Proactiv for about 2 months with no significant results. I stumbled onto acne.org one night during the summer and decided I had nothing to lose to try it, since there was nothing special to buy. Within I think 2 weeks my skin started to turn around, and now, 2 months later, my skin has improved 110%. I still have some acne on my cheeks and scars that were from my horrible break out, but I'm positive that it'll get better as time goes on. I've included pictures to show y'all my journey, and to let people out there know that there is hope!

    My regimen:


    Cetaphil daily facial cleanser (I love it because it's gentle and you don't need to scrub)

    Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion (I have REALLY oily skin and this product is great because it zaps oil so your make up stays on)


    Cetaphil daily facial cleanser (once again, it's gentle but strong enough that you don't need to scrub to remove your make up)

    DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel w. Tea tree oil (I tried a couple BP products including Neutrogena, but this is the one that really worked for me)

    I hope this helps!

    This is me the week before college. This is pretty much how my skin had been like my entire life, a few (relatively) minor spots on my forehead that could always be covered up with make up.


    This is me during the worst of my break out. Even with make up on, you can still significantly see the acne.


    Same picture, only I wasn't wearing any make up so that you can see all of the damage.


    Me now! There are still some spots on the sides of my cheeks but my forehead and chin are completely clear.