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  1. So I was in class today. My college professor is an archaeologist and was describing to us some dig he went on in the middle east last summer. He compared the location he was working on to a pimple (at this point there was a collective "ewww" heard through the class). So he's comparing the two and says some stuff, and then he says to the class "and why is that pimple there? because you forgot to wash your face in the morning." Now he tries to be a funny guy and all but this still bothered me. Wh
  2. They are soft and I'm pretty sure they contain liquid (I'm really good about not touching my face so I wouldn't know for sure if they did). Its exactly like the white bump that forms on top of my red acne bumps that I mentioned before, just without the red acne part.
  3. Usually my acne is red bumps that sometimes form smaller white bumps on top. Recently, I'm getting only the white part, no red bump under it. What is this?
  4. ...because they have to look at your face? I was out with my friends tonight and felt so bad for them because they had to look at my stupid acne face. They didn't say anything about it but for some reason I felt like I ruined the night just because they had to look at my face.
  5. This past summer I had pretty bad acne on the sides of my forehead (temple region), worse than I have ever had in my life. The acne is gone but it has left dark red spots. It has been about a month since the acne has been gone so the spots have gotten a bit lighter/smaller, but its still bad enough that EVERYONE I meet asks me "what happened to your face?" I have just left the spots alone, for about a week I put lime and honey on it and then I moved back to college and haven't done anything to t
  6. The fact that it likes to spring up at the worst times and that it is recurring.
  7. Going to start my second year of uni in 4 or 5 days. Like everyone else said try to not let it hold you back. I have acne too and try to just forget about it when I'm with friends.
  8. Well when I said side effects/long term effects I basically meant scarring. I have never had any acne that has left scars on my face. My brother has acne too and his acne has left some scars on his face (I think they are ice-pick or maybe rolling scars). I just don't want the derm to prescribe any medication that may start leaving any type of scars if that's possible. So are there acne medications that can lead to scarring?
  9. ****Sorry for the long post but PLEASE read and reply**** I have never been to a dermatologist and I don't know anyone in real life who has. I've had acne for the past 10 years but it has always been on the light-below moderate side. Starting about 4-5 weeks ago, I got really bad acne on the sides of my foreheads (temples). The acne is "dead" but it has left dark spots which has really screwed things for me. Anyways, I still have a few active acne left in other places on my face, but I really j
  10. Funny that this topic showed up, I literally just got off the phone with a friend and told them I couldn't make it to dinner because "something came up". All because of this damn acne. Sigh
  11. No concrete evidence between acne and smoking found yet, though smoking does impact the skin in other ways. I'm not a smoker so I don't really have any experience, though I feel like since there is evidence that smoking screws with your skin in other ways it may be an indirect cause (just my opinion). As for the sweat, just pat your face dry with a clean towel. Oh and one more thing, I don't know what ziana is but maybe you should consult a derm before starting something like that instead of j
  12. Well that's nice and all, but I still despise acne.
  13. I guess what I'm essentially asking is if anyone has had a similar experience and how can I make this ultra stubborn acne go away since I've never really dealt with this kind.
  14. Exactly where on your face are they? Also, stop touching your face!