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  1. i had a crush with my dentist, thirty-something with black long locked hair and a beautiful smile, a look that would hipnotize any ascetic monk in the world, a skilled profesional with great personality and humor, a body that would make the poles melt in one nanosecond... ohh and with a husband and children too.. :/
  2. masturbation is not wrong, it's just plain stupid... plus it aggravates acne if the cause is hormonal related. but hey it's modern and liberal and totally IN to say that everything that has do to with orgasm is great and marvelous in this indulgent society of ours... you know the more you masturbate the smarter you get, the more sex you get/think of the better person you become... long live the concupiscence age
  3. it will never ever go away, it's a terrible disease... you know even when you're dead, it's proven that the hair, nails and pustules keep growing... unbelievable huh?
  4. i just don't get it, how masochists are some of you, if your face is like a cheese then why u keep on dating?? learn a new language, write a book, whatever... not everything in life is to reproduce like rabbits...
  5. everyone is shallow like you don't worry, only hipocrites don't accept it
  6. psychologists are liars and mentally ill, that's why they studied it first, to try to solve their own problems and when they realize they cannot they screw other people's mind...
  7. welcome to the marvelous world of adult acne
  8. girls opinions on this forum don´t count, what would u expect to read in an acne forum... the sad true is, everyone is shallow whether they tell it or not, and people tend to reject persons that have the gross disease, so your chances to mate go down, waaay down...
  9. I would give head to Long Dong Silver. Yeah, that´s right, even if i am not into guys, a blowjob, and let him cum all over my face. LOL. With live worldwide TV broadcast if necessary. It´s such a pitty that´s not going to happen.
  10. Paris Hilton has acne on her clit. I´ve seen the stolen video tape.
  11. Hi, i´m new to the Forum. Planning on Accutane, cause i´ve mild to moderate acne for the last 6 years. I am 25 and tried everything from topic gels, to antibiotics, probiotics, diets, vegetarianism & so on. I was wondering if anyone can tell us a experience while on Accutane and the mix with other drugs. Anyway i´m going to ask this to my derm in two weeks, but i just want to be prepared. I know you cannot drink alcohol, cause it affects liver like Isotretinoin does. But, what ab