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  1. I just realized what I had is nonorganic...I think this is around day 10, but I'm going to stop until I can get organic and then continue again. Read too much about unorganic never working now and it really hasn't done too much.
  2. Day 4 and I'm starting to see some improvements, although I'm under a huge amount of stress right now so inevitably I'm still breaking a bit..but skin looks much better. And I have a pretty bad moderate case, not quite severe though....but this is working faster than anything else ever has. Definitely looking forward to winter break and seeing how much I will change by the time I get back.
  3. giving the ACV a shot, on day 2. will update as it goes
  4. err i meant do you still do all the external stuff and if not does it seem to work without it

  5. hey i have a question about your miracle cure....do you still do all the external stuff and have it work? im about to try your internal and just want to know if it might work without external. also my acne doesn't sound as bad as yours so i don't want to spend more than needed