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  1. Thanks for the thoroughness of your posts. I just had my third and final one done. I still think it's a good laser choice but I don't see any improvement at all. It may take a few months though, but really I can't say it had done much except make me feel better for trying to improve my skin. I have had no bad experiences with it and overall seems ok. If I feel it improved my skin any I will be sure to update everyone:)
  2. I still have grid marks and am very itchy. My neck is healing faster this time, but I think she might have gone lower. I am on day 5 and it seems about the same amount of time:) My skin still feels like sandpaper though.
  3. True everyone is different. My skins seems to take longer than others to heal which is why I am not doing retin a at all. I am healing just fine! Just a few grid dots left!!!!
  4. Yes, they wanted to do a sciton micro and profractional on me. What did you think of the micropeel? I suggest not using retin a much while doing this:) Sounds like it is not letting your skin heal from the ematrix. And I don't think the oozing is a big deal, just surprised me:) And for anyone else reading this, the ematrix is great for people with darker skin tones. This is a "color blind" treatment so those who could not get profractional treatments in fear of discoloration do not have to
  5. You know, they are gone! I don't know why. I did have an account problem where I couldn't perform any actions and had to have them fix it, so maybe in that process they were erased? Weird. I am 99% sure I didn't take them down. I am not sure if I have those pics saved anywhere! That sucks because I wanted to compare. I will look around and see if I can find what my scarring looked like two years ago.
  6. Let me look again for the pics and I will tell you where they are like page number. The first treatment I had was a low C. I asked her if she would up it this time and she said yes, but not to the highest C that she wanted to take the same steps she gives everyone. I can tell she upped it though because I am redder and still swollen today on day 3. She stuck with the B on my neck because the neck cannot take as much as the face. Last time my neck took a lot longer to heal. Well, perhaps I
  7. I am glad your treatment has gone well! I do have pictures of my scarring up there in the gallery...I checked and they are still there. I just had my second treatment on Thursday and she went a little higher this time. I am more red and swollen and itchy already. I laughed when I read your brave attempt to Target. Since I can't be social I decided to paint my bathroom but ran out of paint. So I went to Lowes today with my red, gridded face covered in oily aquaphor type stuff and nobody see
  8. Hey, I think I have shallow ice pick, some deeper than others. In some lighting you can't tell, in others you can see my whole cheeks are scarred. I heard someone once say the "orange peel" effect and that seems to describe my skin. I did post pics, a while back, but there are two that were posted in summer/fall 2008 in the scar gallery. Today, day 5, I still have the grid marks from the machine but I have read that is normal, and my skin always takes longer to heal in general, like with ta
  9. Oh she said the reason for not using the cream is because the machine would have a difficult time making the "pulses". It will not give off a pulse if it does not have level ground on the skin, and the oily base of the numbing cream made it difficult on the sensor. She said they use a water-based one and it's much better. It has to be completely dry as well. So make sure yours is water-based:) You probably already know C is the highest level, and she admitted a and b a practically worthless
  10. Nope I had no cream lol. It was not horrible but it will be much better with it! They did not tell me to stop tretenoid (sp) or RetinA, but I did note that I had used it 3 days prior and she said that was ok. But I am not suppose to use it for a couple weeks after each treatment, and since I am doing them a month apart I will just stop using it for the summer. Good luck with your treatment:) Let's keep updating.
  11. Hey everyone, just thought I would jump in here. I had my first ematrix Thursday morning, and I am scheduled for two more, one month apart. Today I am still red, little swollen, and the grid marks are still visible. I am curious as to how long it will take for my skin to get back to normal. In the past I have had Mixto profractional, and YAG Coolglide. I was not sure I wanted another erbium laser, but considered Sciton profractional. I picked ematrix instead because I like the less downtim
  12. Thank you for the pic comment it means alot to me:0)