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  1. Definitely try Dan's regimen. I too tried Proactiv on a few different occasions and was always hopeful because of the initial clearing only to be crushed by the later breakouts (and bad ones too). The problem with Proactiv is the facewash, it is far too harsh. I believe this is why your skin is fed up with Proactiv. Seriously, what you need is a gentle wash (like Dan's), a 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel or cream to cover the entire face, and a high quality moisturizer to fight against overdrying.
  2. I needed help a lot too, and bad. That was almost two years ago. Now I spend a lot of my time trying to convince my friends to make the investment. As another member formerly posted, I agree as well that the regimen is not for everyone. However, if your skin takes to it you will be happy you tried it. When you really think about it, if you have been through the major ordeal that many of us have been though with acne, what do you really have to lose?
  3. bro.. own that ass the hell with your three zits man
  4. Radgirl, stop using the Jojoba and see if this improves your skin. I have known a number of people, myself included that get VIOLENT breakouts using that stuff. For most people it isn't a problem, but for some it is a nightmare. Just an idea. Also, try using Olay Complete rather than Dan's moisturizer. I don't know about you but that stuff smells rank and leaves my skin all shiny and apple red. The Olay is much milder for my very sensitive skin. Other than this stick with pump of BP for t
  5. Using 10% BP as a part of Dan's Regimen will absolutely kill your skin, and will dry it out. Stick with the 2.5% - it has proven just as effective and far less irritating.
  6. I have been on the regimen for about a year now and no longer need to moisturize. Not only does it improve the overall appearance of your skin not to moisturize (moisturizing creates shine which exposes old acne marks), but after your skin has adapted to the BP your skin will no longer dry out. Truly, 30 minutes after applying the BP my skin is as supple as any other time. The only times I moisturize now are when most other people do, like when the weather demands it, etc.
  7. Although I do not recommend this for people new to the regimen, I do not moisturize at all. I have been on the regimen for about a year, am totally acne free, do the regimen only once daily, and have been off all moisturizers for a good three months. Though I would not recommend jettisoning the moisturizer straight away for beginners, I would, however, recommend Olay Complete as opposed to Dan's moisturizer. For some reason Dan's moisturizer makes a lot of people's faces red.
  8. I have experienced this too. What happens is that when the BP penetrates your skin, even if you do well to avoid the orbital area it will still spread to this region. I have solved this problem by cupping cool water in my eye socket region AFTER the regimen. This has eliminated the problem for me. Hopefully it will for you.
  9. I encountered this same problem. However, I cannot stand the smell of Dan's moisturizer. For some reason in nauseates me so I don't use it. I just stick with Olay and it works fine.
  10. Seriously Sweet Pea do not give up. I have been on the DKR for almost a year and there were MANY times within the first three months especially where I felt that my acne would never improve. It did, but it takes time. I had active acne for the first month, some acne the second, and, while the third month I was relatively clear, I had sporadic breakouts and my skin was shiny, apple red. This will all subside if you stick with it. Also think about environmental factors that trigger acne. Are
  11. If the bp is damaging your skin then you are using too much or you are one of the rare individuals who just cannot handle bp. Even for the first three months, start off using very little, like half a pump each time. Stick with the regimen and do not quit! A few pimples is nothing like what your skin was before the regimen, right? I struggled with acne for my first year on the regimen, but now can skip days without problems and i do not even have to moisturize. Just stick with it and you will
  12. My technique sounds a little odd, but it has seriously worked for me. Firstly, I do not use Dan's moisturizer. Not only is the smell very off-putting, but it makes my face a bright, almost apple-shiny red. Dan's moisturizer is great for controlling flakes but not for controlling redness. Secondly, make sure your skin has had a chance to get very soft and humidified. In other words, take a hot shower where the steam is allowed to envelop your face and open your pores slowly. Avoid allowing
  13. Hey it's been a while since you posted this but I thought I may as well respond. I had this problem one time. You must be very careful to avoid the tender skin around the eyes. For me, the problem resolved itself after a few days, but like you described, it was horrible while it lasted. Like you, I took on the appearance of a junkie. Usually when I apply BP, the cheek bone is the highest I go on my face. The BP will spread upwards from there simply while it pernetrates. But as long as you
  14. sounds to good to be true... however, if is true, we will all find out sooner or later. I mean, if it truly does "cure" acne as has been reported, then this sex grease has marketable value. Its profitability will eventually be exploited, if not by the company itself than by some competitor surreptitiously gaining access to the "secret" ingredients. As for me, I'm gonna stick with Dan's Regimen for the time being, figuring how well its been working for me.
  15. Although Accutane miraculously cleared up my acne at a time when I was experiencing it the worst, I still regret taking it. The conditional side-effects notwithstanding, Accutane can cause cataracts and other severe vision problems associated with vitamin A toxicity, severe liver damage when taken over long periods, heart conditions, heart failure, somatic cell mutations (which is essentially carcinogenesis), which can lead to full-blown cancer, birth defects in children, haploid cell damage in