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  1. Hey there everyone! I need your help. I'm feeling desperate about my acne scars(icepick scars) and have tried many creams and formulas to no avail. I know I'm posting in the wrong forum but is there anyone who have tried BIOSKINCARE cream and found it effective in reducing acne scars? P.S.I have read the reviews for BIOSKINCARE in the reviews section but I need more feedback. Comments from people who have tried the cream or BIOSKINCLEAR would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
  2. U are welcome. Woah that was fast considering how one day ago you had proclaimed on how u wanted to lessen your scarring and a lil contradicting if i may say so since you set up this thread to seek scarring treatments. im glad this thread has done good and you have come around to realise that scars are no biggie. Cheers
  3. Have you tried super cp serum? Let me know if it works, thanks
  4. Thanks for the recommendation and for providing me with detailed ingredients. Have decided to go back to benzoyl peroxide. Hope ROC works for you
  5. I've tried peels, they don't work-for me. Improvements with peels are short-term yes thus you have to do peels every three months for maintenance after the initial twice a month. If you speak to doctors, they'll inform you that peels are beneficial if you want to achieve a fairer skin tone or to combat oiliness, not for scars. Peels improve scars only very superficially. The doctors I consulted have recommended spectra peel laser, fraxel or co2 fractional laser for scars. I went for the co2 frac
  6. Hi greg09, I suggest you give Alpha hydrox oil-free treatment a try. It helped my scars previously but I was also trying out cellex c that time and couldnt use both in conjunction. I had used it for two weeks and had noticed a visible difference but i chose cellex c over it thinking that it would help my scars better. It does clog the pores a little but the aha content will diminish scars noticeably. Your scars are very similar to mine but i face a bigger challenge with two boxcar scars. Plantog
  7. Thanks a bunch for the recommendations. Before I try the expensive lasers, do you know if Bioskincare works as well for ice pick scars? Anyone tried bioskincare or bioskinclear and have good results and scars improved? I noticed the claims and reviews on bioskincare website claiming that it helps with ice pick scars
  8. Hi there, thanks for your advice. I still have many pitted scars and large pores. My pores were smaller previously but they got big and I started have pitted scars ever since I had jessna peels done at the doctor's and tried to do extraction myself at home.
  9. I second that. I look into the mirror to check out my horrid scars in the morning and try to avoid the mirror in the day in case i catch a glimpse of my scars
  10. Hi there everybody, I have been on wits' end the past year with my pitted and ice pick scars. I wonder if it's anything to do with my quitting of benzoyl peroxide. The 2.5% benzoyl peroxide works great and helps me stay acne free but i thought it drys my skin and gives me fine lines thus I switched to salicylic acid. Please tell me if benzoyl peroxide works better to prevent pitted scars and perhaps it does slough off surface skin and make pores look smaller since benzoyl peroxide is known to ca
  11. Welcome to the site! :)

  12. Hi i have used Proactiv since i was 13 (i'm 26)and it works really.Though it doesnt clear up the oil from within but it helps my breakouts dramatically and heals existing ones.