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  1. cold water, I had lots of success with calimine lotion applied overnight or for a prolonged period
  2. After having one of the worst breakouts of my teen years, and just meeting a girl I knew I had to get contorl of my acne. In 1 week during this breakout I had a minor freakout and began applying anything to the spots to make them go away fast fast fast. In one day i used differen, BP, Clearasil's salicilic acid spot treatment on my spots. Then Arbonnes Line of clear advantage products over the next 2. My face became bright red and I took a week off of college classes to avoid seeing her or anybo
  3. not even that bad man, swallow your pride and get a little bit of cover up if it bugs you that much
  4. so i went to the doctor yesterday for my acne and she gave me a prescription for a tube of clindoxy which is basically 5% bp and an antibiotic, anyway after the first night of leaving it on i did see some improvement but well have to see. anyways has anyone had any luck with clindoxy?
  5. quit stressing out itll make it worse
  6. jsut leave it, no point in using all kinds of products for 1 bump, the rest of your face looks fine some people here would kill for that. Believe me forget about it and before you know it itll be gone, if you want some chemical answer to zap it at least 50% of the people here will tell you to put some sort of bp on it and let it sit over night till its gone. I'm just saying dont go start some regimen to get rid of it when what your already doing to clean your face appears to be working, not even
  7. You can wash it off after 10 minutes really but I just leave it on if im not going anywhere or gonna be around anyone
  8. doesnt zap pimples but its actually done wonders for my red marks and scars Ive noticed my red marks building up over the past couple months and they are virtually gone now. Ive used it for a week applying it midstream with a cotton ball after cleansing with Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub. for problem spots that have emerged Ive put benzegel 5 (bp) on them over night and eventually they clear up. Lately ive noticed I havent even needed moisturizer and Ive always used a moistur
  9. I pretty much use only water and this 3 in 1 toner cleanser eye makeup remover (Vichy Ourete Thermale one step cleanser) which is for sensitive skin. afterwards I moisturize with st. Ives... wash twice a day and the red marks/bumps/marks wont go away.... any help?
  10. haha i did co op at an elementary school and my face wasnt that bad, but i was tutoring one kid that had add/adhd and he was really hyper and said whatever he thought and he said "you sure got alot of pimples" i didnt have that many though so I told him jsut wait a couple years.. It didnt really bother me because he was a freckly red head aside from that id proly hit someone if they said anything about my face, they dont no shiiiiiiiiiiit
  11. aside from your post, what kinda teacher asks such a question
  12. i always ask my mom straight up how my face looks, and usually she tells me its not bad (smetimes i think she jsut says that) but other times shes told me that looks bad jsut let your face breath and stop putting shit on it ,she had bad acne when she was my age
  13. my bad this is the link http://www.metacafe.com/watch/762721/get_r...red_marks_fast/
  14. well I dont really no much about topical solutions but that doesnt look to bad, lately ive been working with just hot/cold water and natural rememdies, ive found this super easy concoction to actually be working good for me my face hasnt been this clear in a couple years all you need is baking soda/water (morning) egg white and a pinch of lemon (night) check out this link good luck oh and red marks are no match for that treatment lol, mine are basically gone 2 days after i started that little
  15. I've noticed that if I dont pop a whitehead itll go away eventually but ill still have a small lump below the skin that takes longer to go away, I always wait until the white head is actually popping out of my face (you can see the pointed elevation when you turn your head) and pop it with tissue paper, sure it bleeds but then jsut scabs over and is gone within the next 2 days.. Id rather have a small scab on my face then a protruding white head