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  1. yea.. it probably has caffine and stuff in it .. im glad to kno it doesnt just happen to me!! lol
  2. awe! thats great! your lucky its working for you! i wish mine would. im using this dermaroller thing to get ride of my pimples and scars now... its workin really good. U ever hear of it?
  3. I didn't have time to read over all the replys to this.. but I just got a Dermaroller.. and my brother has acne scars just like that..and he used it once and got some really good results. It's actually a scary little contraption... but believe it or not it works.. I've been using it too and it works...! It's a little roller with needles on it.. some people just call it needling.. But anyhow.. It's really cool, because instead of putting extra foreign medicines that can be very harmful to you..in
  4. Hey everyone! I'm 20...I'll be 21 real soon...(I'm excited about that) Anyhow... I was reading all your posts..I totally feel ya!!! There's been alot of times...that I'd just sit in the mirror and cry because I would feel so ugly because of my acne! My brother is younger than me, and he had acne so much worse than mine! His was terrible...He used to be scared to go out... I mean, he felt so terrible about himself! If you let it get to you too much, you can end up emotionally scared! So... buck
  5. Hey Eddie! I used Proactive and it totally broke me out!! I used to work at McDonals and my face would get so oily and stuff.. So, I feel ya on that! Anyhow, don't try the Proactive again....I tried it like 3 times, thinking that it would work the next time.. but never did... I think it's one of those things that work for some people, but not others. My bro uses it and his face is clearing up very well. Anyhow, try something else...maybe use SeaBreeze or something for the oily skin...Or even i
  6. I'm pretty big on health... I try to eat and drink healthy.. and I exercise like a nut too, which I actually find helps my acne...I think that's because it's a stress reducer! Anyhow, I drink alot of green tea... I read up on it, and people say that it helps aid in healing acne...but when I start drinking it, it will usually break me out...Has anyone ever heard of that? Green tea breaking you out? I'm trying to figure out if it's the green tea or maybe something else that I'm using on my face th
  7. I just recently ordered a Dermaroller and just got it yesterday. I read that there are a few different ways to use it... So, I did it last night and this morning. I didn't think it would actually work, but I'm already seeing a difference. My face is very sensitive, so I thought I would instantly get a break out or something....but I haven't yet! So that is awesome! I have small pock marks and some just discoloration in my face due to the acne...I didn't expect it to take the large pits away tha
  8. Hi! I hope you the Blue Light treatment works for you!! I had it done about a year ago and it didn't work so well. I think it's one of those things that will work from some people but not others! My skin is very super sensitive so I think that's why it ended up not working for me. When I had it done, I had to quit in the middle of it. I guess your supposed to get about 5 or 6 of the treatments, I was only able to have two. It started off real red and after a few days my face turned completely b