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  1. I'm about to head away to college and while I know that you shouldn't drink while on accutane, I expect it to be tough to turn down a beer at certain times -especially when everyone else is drinking. So, I've recently looked up popular beers (ones that will be in most bars...) to find the ones with the lowest alcohol content in an effort to save any extra stress on my body. I basically googled "alcohol content of beers." You may want to use a couple different sites to make sure the info is ac
  2. Hey everyone, I'm a 23 yo male and am almost done with my first month of Accutane. I have my next blood test and derm. appointment scheduled for this Thursday, which will be the first day of my second prescription fill (the day after my 30 day window, or the 31st day). Anyways, I would like to reschedule my blood test and appointment a day earlier for Wednesday- which would be my 30th day. I just want some clarification on whether or not I can do this, as I'm not really clear on how the 'pic
  3. Hey everyone, I needled several spots on one side of my face (2 separate needling sessions) with diabetic needles about a year ago- and it made the scars more depressed and noticeable. I mainly needled smaller rolling scars, no icepicks. In the needled spots, a more obvious (on the surface) scar tissue formed it seems. ... if I had known that needling was going to do this I wouldn't have needled So be careful, I'm not sure if the reward is worth the risk for some people, especially cons
  4. Hey Sophiena, I'm considering going on Accutane... just wanted to know if you drank alcohol a lot while on it and how much (on a typical night) if you did? Thanks!
  5. The soda could've done it. When I eat bad food it takes about 2-4 days for my skin to breakout, so it's a possibility that it's the same with you (it is almost always that big of a delay).
  6. Corbin, I took the real Accutane brand- 40mg once a day. The results I got were pretty remarkable the first time, which was when I had really severe acne. Within about 2.5 weeks my large cysts really started to clear up. Within a month my cysts were no longer elevated above my skin surface.
  7. that sucks about your prediction about the accutane - wouldn't the derm. just give you the accutane since he'd know you've already been on it? isn't that reason enough to show that you had it bad enough to get accutane? that'd be my reasoning anyway. how long were you clear before it came back, after the accutane i mean? did you have any bad side-effects? i'm guessing not if you are willing to do it again. Corbin, Unfortunately the derm that I go to is really cautious about prescribing Accuta
  8. Yeah Corbin, I feel you. I'm in the same situation it seems- this last year has just been a pain in the ass as far as acne goes. The natural methods haven't worked that well, and like you, I'm at my wits end. Tomorrow I have a derm appt. and I would love nothing more than to get back on Accutane just to give my face and my mind a rest for several months (like you said). Unfortunately, they'll prolly try to make me go on a course of antibiotics before going on the accutane, so I won't get th
  9. Hey, I've tried a sulfur face wash in the past, and currently just started using it again a couple of days ago. I used to get my cysts around my cheek bones primarily. Now though, I get smaller cysts and acne in the moustache area and on my chin. What other topicals are you using right now, what's your routine?
  10. Your acne is severe- I dealt with a similar case (cystic without the whiteheads) on my cheek bones (front of face). When I went on accutane, I started clearing up (and prevented new ones from forming) within a month. Have you ever been on accutane before? If you wanna avoid accutane, you should try to make major lifestyle changes like changing your diet. Your body may need a flush, some sort of toxic cleanse, and from that point on a completely new diet. Do some research on possible acne
  11. Yeah I wonder how a hormone test would be done too... My current regimen consists of benzoyl peroxide 2x a day (Dan's reg) and the Oil Cleansing Method (which I just started Thursday night). Accutane and benzoyl peroxide have been the only things that have really worked for my cystic acne for the 7 years that I've had it. The BP works on the acne but I really dislike the redness that it causes (which is one of the reasons I started the Oil Cleansing Method, to hydrate my skin). You should c
  12. Inflammation with acne begins even before an actual "infection" occurs. When a pore gets clogged and excessive sebum is trying to get through, that pore is going to experience some swelling beneath the surface of the skin, whether it is noticeable or not. I think that something is making us prone to inflammation, and our type of inflammation greatly contributes to ailments like acne, dryness, breathing issues, etc... Idk what that something is (genetics, diet, hormones, ?) that induces the in
  13. CORBIN! I have almost the exact same symptoms as you. My cystic acne started in high school and has gone up and down 7 years since then. All throughout this time I have also always suffered with allergies (serious difficulty breathing through my nose) and chapped lips. Just like you, my lips have had dry skin-like symptoms for a long time. One thing that I would point out is that all of these symptoms, the acne, allergies/difficulty breathing, dryness are all cases of inflammation. Over
  14. Crevin and Adam, I too have been experimenting with my diet intensely (over the last 10 months), trying to strip my diet down to basic raw food and work my way back up to bigger stuff to see what exactly causes my acne. There's no doubt that binge eating has a negative effect on your acne, and the reason why is probably because of your body's insulin reaction. When you eat food, especially foods that raise your glycemic index (breads, starches, pasta- foods high in sugar, even veggies), your
  15. I just read from a reliable source a few days ago (and unfortunately I forget where) that using topical vitamin E on your face for either scars or acne is basically pointless b/c the skin is unable to absorb it efficiently. Topical vitamin A and C however, are effective in certain applications b/c they are absorbed well by the skin. Hope this helps...