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  1. Sigh.. I feel like crap. my self esteem is at all time low. I don't feel like going out to any public places unless i must absolute have to like school. I am 23 this year, and i am going attending ITT. I have suffer from acne since high school. I thought that i didn't not suffer emotionally from acne but i was wrong. This morning it just came out of no where and it stuck me deeply with the realization of how crappy i feel about those bums and dark spots of my face. I realize that I didn't enjo
  2. Here is my problem. After I apply the Clearer, I waited 10mins for my face to dry up. I noticed that my face is peeling on my forehead, sides, under my chin, and below my lips. I would wet my face and rub my hand over all the dry areas to clear out the peeling. Would this worsen my problem or is there another way to get rig on it? Thank for your help.
  3. I am just into the first week of my treatment with BP 2.5% and the itch is killing me. Can any one help me out?! Thanks!