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  1. im glad there are people that didnt experience this but im looking for people that did and want to know if it went away with time or has persisted.
  2. i used 6 light peels over 3 months
  3. has this happened to anyone and has it gone away?
  4. I agree when drinking water is the most important thing to have not just acne free skin, but smooth and even tone skin. Plus people with acne and dont notice any difference still need to drink alot of water because it helps minimize scarring
  5. sex is good stuff, increases blood flow which increases healing. Less acne. Thing about sex its a lot less special than you think it is, dont be disappointed if you wait till your married and the sex is bad, and doesnt mean much.
  6. the only thing in foods thats ever cause acne is excess of iodine.
  7. if you dont see new ones then yes, if you do then no.
  8. Hey welcome, chemical peels more than likely do more good than harm. Treatments are different for different skin types and scars. For non surgical there are retinoids which increase cell turnover from what I understand. Your scars, depending on how deep they are will more than likely be there for a long time, But you can make them look better. If you dont already exfoliate daily. The only proven method to healing scars is time.
  9. So I had good skin, not oily, no blackheads, no acne. Then I started using the products that most people here use daily and have used for years thing it helps, but my skin became super oily, had blackheads, and dirty looking pores. I Since have stopped this and have noticed my skin is getting back to normal. A lot of people have been realizing that most products dont help. They may help in the short term, but you are making you skin dependent on something it doesnt even need. You skin is made
  10. I think your over doing products, and after something like that a month isnt long enough to wait, normal cell turnover rate is 25ish days. You need to do what you were doing that gave you the good results in the first place, and I bet it took longer for you to get clear than 1 month. You can mess up your skin quickly with products but you cant ever fix it quickly.
  11. I have to say I agree 100% with being product free, or at least using natural stuff, ie baking soda. for two years I used plant based wash and microfoliant. MY skin was the bests its ever been. Then I noticed a pimple, that had to be from stress and thats it. I started washing to much and using products and I broke out worse. I stopped doing that and its better now.
  12. Im not really concerned about my actual pore size but more of the skin around the pores on my cheeks, Has anyone else had this problem and gotten results from anything?
  13. it was more than likely the change in humidity. Exposure to sun, were supposed to get at least 20 minutes of sun exposure a day so we get the proper amount of vitamin D
  14. I agree with the above posters. If you havent had a girlfriend yet its not because of your acne or scars its because of your personality. Try volunteering somewhere just meet new people because sitting home worrying about your skin isnt fun. My skin didnt really have scars 6 months ago, now I do because of a chemical peel, but it will improve over time. You need to be comfortable with your skin, you need to accept that its the way it is, and people wont care, if your fun and outgoing people w