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  1. If you're only 3 months in then the accutane may still need some time. I also had cystic acne before accutane and I was very cyst prone on the med. It wasn't till about 6 months in that they started slowing down. Also if you wear "tighter" clothing down there it can aggrevate spots. I used to wear a tighter jean and belt and it did cause some bumps down there.
  2. I had the same problem. After getting fed up i decided to give accutane a go. It cleared up the acne i had on my thighs, back, chest, and shoulders. Currently 6 months post and all of that is still clear just dealing with a little bit left on my face.
  3. I actually started to get better once my dose was increased. I was on 40mg for 2 months then 60mg for 6 months so 8 months total. I think the length of a course depends on your cumulative dose more than just months. I was still breaking out in month 6 and hadn't reached my targeted dose so i went an extra 2 more months which helped trememdously. I don't think going 7 or 8 months on a course is all that uncommon.
  4. If you have fairly severe back acne then i would recommend accutane. I took an 8 month course for severe body acne and some facial acne and it cleared it up 100% by the end. I'm currently 6 months post and have a little facial acne back but no body acne. I struggled with body acne for 7 years before taking accutane and kinda wish i took it sooner. I had to take a pre-accutane blood test and then once every month while i was on it. The only side effects i got were chapped lips, dryness, and a cou
  5. depending on how long you have had bacne it may not be a bad idea to consider accutane. Bacne is very stubborn and its a very large area to treat. after 7 years of it accutane finally cleared it. 6 months post now and have had 2 pimples since.
  6. trying to find something myself. Over time my marks have seemed to fade but still have small scars where they were.
  7. for me accutane brought about the worst cysts i had ever had. Mainly in the 2nd and 3rd months then the number and size started decreasing. I had gotten cysts before accutane so i can't say about them forming now but accutane for me brought out some of the worst acne i've ever had.
  8. Don't worry so much about the redmarks as they do fade, i'm about 4 months post and the redness is mostly gone. I was also kinda paranoid about my skin breaking out post and it has a little but its extremely mild and over the counter stuff actually works.
  9. I got taken off accutane for 2 weeks because of liver test results and I also broke out but when I was put back on everything went back to normal. This was 5 months into my course. I wouldn't worry to much about 1 bigger one showing up as it probably is the coming back on that caused this.
  10. paranoia and coming off accutane is so true. I've been off for only 2 months and i've been getting some small breakouts but it's like i wanna get back on the tane
  11. see if you can get your derm to let you stay on for another 2 months. I still have cysts in my 6th month and the extra 2 months made a dramatic difference.
  12. took accutane for cystic acne, acne has gotten so much better but still seem to always have a cyst somewhere
  13. When i was on accutane the winter months were killer on my lips. I just kinda had to deal with it and keep chapstick nearby at all times.
  14. i sure hope so, but it hasn't happened yet, i'm 20 btw
  15. If you have severe chest and back acne I would strongly consider accutane. I suffered for about 8 years before pulling the trigger on accutane and it was the best decision i ever made. Currently 2 months post treatment and i have no actives anymore on my chest or back. I do have scars and red marks to deal with but i'd rather deal with that than acne. Whether it be accutane or a regimen you don't have to suck it up and deal with it. There are things that help.