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  1. Hey Steph... You should really start taking fish oil.... i take 3 with my lunch, and 3 @ dinner. Everyone on Accutane loves these little guys (well i guess they are kinda big). I suggest freezing them, because they do make you burp fish- ick! My derm recommended them as well as the lady who does my Accutane facials. These pills will help in so many ways. They will make you less dry (which will help with the itching)... and they get rid of any soreness related to your muscles. Also, being d
  2. the first two months are the worst... it should be smooth sailing from here on out!! and you are applying mederma to your face? Like the stuff you see on tv for scaring??
  3. hey steph congrats on starting!!! remember the first month is usually the hardest! and with you starting on such a high dose the side effects will not be fun. However... this is so much different then what we experienced on RAM... with Accutane the first two months suck like RAM... but then it starts working!!! (i know-crazy!!) Hang in there!
  4. End of Month Three!!!! Crazy the day i log on you post!! Yeah I have pretty much been on 50mg since I started- and my derm is happy with my progress so that is what I will be on for the rest of my course. I just finished up my third month.... which means two more to go!! Woooo. My breakouts are pretty much gone and everything is smoothing out. I still get the occasional tiny white head once a week.. but nothing too catastrophic. I feel like the next two months are going to be the “h
  5. Thanks for always checking in on me - youre the best!!
  6. Hey Steph I remember you from a while back. I had started taking retin-a micro and you came on my board warning me... I think we actually got into a little fight about it. Needless to say RAM ruined my face similar to yours (except i dont get cysts like you, mine are smaller)... Anyways, the next thing to try on the list was Accutane. I have now been on it for over 2.5 months, and i am finally starting to see progress. Let me tell you! this stuff is so much better to RAM... yes its drying, bu
  7. Half Way- 2.5 months! Wow... i havent posted in forever!! A few days ago I hit my half way mark ☺ I am happy to report that my skin has improved a ton! Even with all this improvement- I still want more… Now when I wash my face its practically smooth… it feels so soft. I still get the random occasional ugly white head that takes a few days to subside, but nothing I can’t handle. The only thing that is hard to deal with is the damage left over. I have a lot of redmarks on my chec
  8. no not yet. right now my doctor wants me to try topical things first. they seem like theyre working!

  9. I don't really get scars... just enlarged pores- ick. Are you on accutane too?

  10. But i really hope they just like come out and dont become inflammed...because there are a lot! it just makes my face look really uneven close up. Oh and My back hurts really badly too, like whenever i bend down and stuff haha i feel like an old lady ----- Hey Megan, I also had the back aches the first week... and then I started taking fish oil and haven't experienced them since! You should really look into them- plus they are great to take even if youre not on accutane. As far as the increas
  11. your acne looks just like mine, lots of nasty little red spots! do you get scars a lot, too?

  12. Wow what improvements! When you put the pictures side by side it looks like there are a lot less actives, and just red marks. I always find it weird when one side breaks out more then the other... I keep thinking about how I will have to continue my corse into the summer... which totally sucks. But then I remember that next Halloween, Christmas, St Patty's Day- I will have clear skin. And that makes me excited
  13. Day 49 So I just talked to my mother on the phone and she had some good news. But before I spill that- let me fill you in. So ever since I have had all these skin issues I have made everyone around me more conscious of their own skin. My mom realized that it was about time she started taking better care of her skin. She has very clear skin, but when she was younger sunscreen wasn't really around and they used to slap on baby oil and fry their skin. Down the road this has lead to permanent skins
  14. First of all- Your hair is so beautiful!!!! And so are you! I know you might not feel that way right now when your face is covered in cysts, but you have to remember that acne is temporary and that you are on the best drug out there! I have been on accutane for about fifty days... so hopefully I can give you some insight. The first week was bad for me too! It wasn't that i was breaking out more then usual, but your body has to get use to taking the medication. I was moody, felt like i had the f
  15. You and me are pretty much on the exact same day... and I am experiencing a lot of what you are. I was so frustrated, because I figured after the first month there would only be improvement. It's nice to see that someone is going through the same thing. Similar to you, this second month has been hell! Everything coming to the surface, and not much progress. Lets hope that by the third month we start to see a steady progress. And my boyfriend tells me that my skin is looking better... but he