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  1. Has anybody tried ultravate gel? My dermo gave me a few samples and said to use extremely sparingly. Told me it was some of the strongest stuff out there and to just put a dot on the problem area. Will this help in reducing the bump?
  2. I couldn't agree more. Please keep this post updated on your treatment. If the 20mg seems to be doing the job with minimal side effects then I'll be right behind you. Would appreciate a weekly update if you could. Thanks again!
  3. If you have no worries of side affects and want to get rid of it for good then by all means do it!
  4. I too am in the same boat and am really interested in trying a light dose of acc. I was on acc. when i was 16 (7 years ago) and just remember being misreable with the dryness on my face and lips. in the long run I know it was a small price to pay for clearing me up for awhile but I think i could benefit from a light dose. Id say my condition is mild but uncomfortable to deal with. I know i probably notice it more then anyone because i stare to much at the imperfections The 5mg 10mg 20mg sound
  5. Thanks for the feedback! Would someone recommend going on 5mg 10mg 20mg regimen-upping a dose each month? Or just stay at a constant 20mg throughout. Anyone try slowly upping the dose? Hows the side affects w/ 20mg?
  6. I'm 23 years old and have been on accutane once before ( I was probably 16 and dont remember the dose-bare with me). Had cystic acne on middle of chest and sometimes on face along with general acne. Of course after a few months of my face drying out and my lips looking as you would expect it worked wonders and pretty much cleared up all problems. Then a few years later (age 18-19) bumps started to come back on my chest and frequent breakouts on my face. Nothing serious but uncomfortable. Been de