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  1. I am getting really really bumed that I am 33yrs old and have acne. I don't mean the little pimples you can pop the next day. I mean hormonal acne. Huge bumps and they do not go away. Some places are so red. It looks awful. I never wore make up before. I refuse to. Now I have to and even then then the sad part is - you can still see the acne underneath. I am crying right now as I am typing this because I am ashamed to go out in public, in front of family and friends. I had such beautiful
  2. Is there anything that can help your cycst bumps go down?
  3. It makes my cycsts bigger...or they are making them bigger? Is this normal?
  4. This is my first week on it? I am just curious to see if anyone else has had any luck with it?
  5. I use proactive and lemon juice...green tea moisturizer. I also am on Adderall xr.
  6. Ever since then I have had nodules and bumps. The acne is bad and will not go away. Has anyone else experienced this? from hair removal creams? What do I do? How long will it last?
  7. Obviously you can't pop them ...what makes the bumps go down?
  8. Ok so after reading this post I was skeptical. I thought "what am I doing, I am rubbing food on my face" it stung...omg it stung...after it dried it felt better... I woke then next day and my skin felt smoooth, my cycsts/nodules went down a little, the acne looked less red and less horrible looking.
  9. I agree you need to stop with all the stuff you are putting on your face. You will never know what really works until you give each item time to take effect on your skin. You may start to break out after using something for the first time, but then it may really start to work after a couple days. Too much at one time is not good. If you ate all different types of food at one time what happens? You get sick to your stomach. Your skin is probably confused and irritated. Last night for the fir
  11. so far I have bought benydral to calm down the inflamation. Worked ok....so far will start to introduce lemon juice and aloe vera tonight
  12. 2nd day..went to walgreen and bought benadryl cream to take away some of the redness tonight- I will start using lemons
  13. see the above reply....proactive and a medication the dermotologist px maderma for scars mother of pearl I am off adderall and taking provigil for wakefullness stimulant