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  1. i've had similar experiences, take down the amount of bp your using that should help
  2. i really dont understand why my acne is as bad as it is. my parents both said they had acne but it was nothing very noticeable, just a few pimples. my brother and sister both had perfectly fine skin growing up. and and my age it was rare for either of them to get a single pimple.(i'm 17). so i'm pretty confused as to why i have acne really. i think it could be because i tried to use products on it. my skin is pretty sensitive so it could just be a way of telling me i shouldnt be touching it. its
  3. its odd. over the years i've had acne spikes that i cant really relate to something specific. it seems like when i'm not on anything my acne has been perfectly under control. but every time i get a couple of annoying pimples i start using some medication, and everything goes down hill. as soon as i stop using the medication it seems like my acne's getting worse because i'm off the medication. i think its just because my skin is getting back to normal. i'm really wondering if acne medications jus
  4. i'm pretty sure i might be allergic to benzoyl peroxide. my skin is flaky everywhere i put the benzoyl peroxide even after adding six drops of jojoba oil to my moisturizer. I didnt use the benzoyl peroxide at night today because my skin hurt like crazy after i went on a run earlier today. i came home and took a shower. i didnt use my face wash because i thought it might dry my skin too much. i got out of the shower and experienced one of the worst pains in my life. parts of my skin were red and
  5. i used to use benzaclin when i had really mild acne and it seemed to work. i slowly stopped using it as my acne naturally got better. recently my skin has been really bad so i started the regimen. i still have a prescription for benzaclin and it actually costs very little because of my insurance. i was wondering if the clindamycin or something in the benzaclin makes it work better than the acne.org benzoyl peroxide. its a higher concentration, and i used to use a lot less than how much of acne.
  6. I was using the treatment for about a week and the side effects werent getting better. my skin seemed to be really wrinkly and dry. i sweat every day as an athlete, and every time i did so it would sting where i applied the treatment, regardless of the amount of benzoyl peroxide or the amount of moisturizer i used. i'm not using the benzoyl peroxide at all anymore, i'm looking for other methods now, starting with oxy 2% salicylic acid pads.
  7. I was using the acne.org regimen for a while and it seemed to be working. the only problem was my skin is really sensitive and weak. the benzoyl peroxide was not doing well with my skin. I decided to try and use some Oxy 2% salicylic acid pads. this is the first day i've used them so i cant tell if there are negative effects like with benzoyl peroxide. i'm considering using the benzoyl peroxide as a facial wash and then using the salicylic acid. would this work? also i have been on a medica
  8. ya i'm pretty sure it was that i wasnt using enough moisturizer. i also realized i was using benzoyl peroxide on a lot of places on my face that have never had acne. that was mainly where the skin was getting irritated so i just concentrated where i was using the treatment.
  9. ya i think i wasn't using enough moisturizer. i also realized that i was using benzoyl peroxide on parts of my face that really didn't need it because I've never had acne there.
  10. Recently i found the regimen online. i used it for a couple of days and it already seemed to be clearing up my acne. i noticed if i didnt wash my face before i ran that my skin would sting and become pretty red and irritated. One day i decided not to apply the Benzoyl peroxide before a race so that the stinging would interfere with my concentration. my skin seemed fine until i got towards the end of the race and afterwards. i had completely washed off all the Benzoyl peroxide from the day bef
  11. ajhall24


    1st 3 pictures a couple of days after quitting arbonne salicylic acid treatment