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  2. You have that backwards... when in a heightened stress/alert state, blood actually flows away from the extremities, and close to the heart/brain/lungs/core musculature via vasoconstriction of the peripheral blood vessels. I don't know what effect this has on peristalsis, though it's pretty well known getting scared enough (high stress...) can cause evacuation of the bowels i.e. "scared sh*tless". That is total fallacy. One person's boon is another's bane. Some foods are not meant to be consum
  3. How in the world are you eating 40% fat on a vegetarian diet? Your omega-6 intake must be through the roof!! Unless you are guzzling coconut oil... I am really curious what ingredients were in your "deli meat" turkey, and whether or not you made those meatballs yourself (...subway?).
  4. Congratulations, there is no longer a huge party of hyper-proliferating bacteria/yeasts/microscopic organisms taking over your colon.
  5. You should consider using something like FitDay, Cron-O-Meter and track calories/macros for a few days. You may find you are not eating enough day to day, which is causing the compulsive over-eating [AKA rebound hyperphagia]. If you get the sudden urge to eat, make yourself prepare a tasty/healthy full balanced meal. Everytime you find yourself reaching for some snack or anything, make a meal. Like a big salad with some protein, or a couple hard boiled eggs and chopped veggies. Make it
  6. You are asking one question but getting two different answers. Are buckwheat and brown rice allowed on a strict "candida diet" as per the prescribed protocol? No. Are buckwheat and brown rice "bad" foods that need to be eliminated from the diet entirely/indefinitely? No. Buckwheat is extremely nutritious, and one of the few "grains" (a pseudo-grain really, like quinoa) that contains lots of phytase- buckwheat becomes a superfood when soaked and/or fermented. But it is a starchy high
  7. Different types/durations/intensities of exercise have different effects. I have found personally that the two best types of exercise are: 1. Shorter duration, high-intensity movements such as explosive compound lifts with moderate weight, and/or interval sprint sessions (be it on a bike, running, swimming whatever) 2. Long duration, low-intensity such as walking/hiking... house chores etc... just plain old "doing stuff". It's the long-duration moderate-high intensity, like extended jogging
  8. Cashews are not legumes. Cashews are the seed a of a fruit in the same family as mangos and pistachios. All legumes are part of the Fabaceae family, which cashews are not. But yes, fairly high in omega 6, but also very high in many nutrients- one of the best sources of magnesium in fact.
  9. Dude, if you are going to be a class 1 competitive swimmer, you should NOT be worried about carbohydrates at all. It's good that you have your caloric needs dialed in. However, you should always be concerned with quality of calories, both from an acne and health standpoint. Why do you want to eat a bunch of processed carbohydrates? The science of what this stuff does to our bodies is becoming well known and increasingly evident. Always favor sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, quinoa,
  10. Bodyweight is both a function of calories consumed vs. energy expenditure, but also in part a result of specific hormonal signaling caused by the specific foods you eat and your level/type of activity. The idea is the body creates a "setpoint" at which it "wants" to be, and will adjust your appetite and/or desire to engage in physical activity accordingly. This is the whole thesis of the book Good Calories Bad Calories... certain foods disrupt this balance, and make your body "want" to be bigg
  11. Yeah I got really bad nausea from zinc pills when I used to take them. Try taking it at the very end of your biggest meal of the day. Same with the B vit.
  12. Which type of milk is it: 1%, 2%, skim, full? You did say you it was organic correct? Yeah, milk is one food I could never really introduce without issues. I can do butter, some cream and even some good quality, aged cheese (preferably from raw milk like several European varieties). Aside from the whole "milk is for cows" discussion, I think it is important to note that mostly every traditional dairy-consuming culture manipulates their milk in some way- fermenting into yogurt or kefir, or
  13. The title and purpose of the thread still stands. If you have normal or high levels then it doesn't apply, how does that not go without saying? Obviously I am talking about the issue of low sex hormone binding globulin, which as shown is lowered by very common things in the diet; things that are eaten by many people, things often considered unquestionably healthy. This is not some pseudo-scientific crackpot theory. This is a very real condition, easy to land yourself in, and should not be ove
  14. I worded it as such because it is well known that androgens stimulate sebaceous glands; it required no additional emphasis as this is the most basic tenet of acne production. Hence why teenage boys get such bad acne. Sorry you needed that explained to you. This thread is intended to help people. This is a logical and rather basic explanation for a relationship between the foods you eat and a proven factor in acne and health. This exists in a very real context of our modern diets- not only rel
  15. Save it. It has nothing to do with actual testosterone levels or any actual hormone levels for that matter. Normal levels of testosterone, with abnormally low SHBG is the recipe for problems. Get your facts straight.