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  1. yeah forgot to add that the sun will make them stay longer so use sunscreen
  2. it could be both. The redness will go away w/time or you could try to use some sort of peel, lemon, apple cider vinegar, etc. Search the boards the are a lot of methods that some claim to work
  3. male female I don't care. Actually I had a crush on this girl who has acne (kind of like moderate acne)
  4. I read in a book that keeping a scar 'wet' (moisturized) will help it to heal faster. I don't know if it applies w/red marks but I always use moisturizer anyways, morning and night, after cleansing my face.
  5. You can try some AHA, the apple cider vinegar method, and others. I've been using a cream called concha nacar and has been helping me with my redmarks.
  6. Dude, I always read your topics and they all about something tragic that happens because of your acne. You really have a fucked up life. Where do you live? ( I know China, right?) but seriously...wtf....I agree w/Wynne try to act to happy. That's how I make friends...I'm not very talkative but I do try to have a lot of fun and I smile a lot (not in a creepy way)
  7. It could be both. You have to look at your face in different angles. If you see dents then yeah those are scars, if not then they will fade in time. They can take days, months, years to fade. Use sunscreen 'cause sun makes them stay for a longer time
  8. The marks that I had for like a year have fade a lot like 70% maybe. The newer ones have fade around 30%. My chin did break but it also was the part that I have done the most-5 times. There were little and went away fast-1 day. It could have been that I irritated my chin and that is why it broke out.
  9. I think you should try ACV for at least a month it never hurts to try also the Pepto Bismol Mask only got rid of my red marks. Good Luck what is pepto bismol mask and where can i get that Pepto bismol is medicine used for stomach aches, and other stomach-related problems. You can get it like everywhere where they sell medicines. http://dirtyharrysplace.com/wp-content/upl...d_8_oz-5715.jpg
  10. you can, there's a button next to edit after you post
  11. Do not over dose on Vitamin A dude. Might as well try and get some doctor to prescribe you acutane since it will be better for he will be supervising that nothing bad happens
  12. Acne=1-2(not much just a couple of pimples) Red Marks=7( hate'em so much)
  13. I have used it three times now (on Sunday night, yesterday morning and night). I used it twice yesterday 'cause I really did not know how many times to use it. I'd say that my redmarks have fade like 30% where I have use the cream(haven't done my entire face, I'm just testing if it makes break out). I will give it a rest for a couple of days. I don't want to over do it. Thanks for your response amyface