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  1. i was noticing the other day, when i was taking some pics of my friend, that she would pose or whatever and make a cute face, and I would look at her, then snap the pic.. and what I saw on the digital camera was not what i was looking at in person... like she would be smiling, but then in the pic she doesnt seem to have as big a smile and she just looked different. i duunnno. it was wierd though
  2. nicccce. so you didnt use any meds? and your cute lol
  3. i just applied lemon juice (we had no lime juice) im gunna see how well it works, but all i can say thus far is OUCH! lol
  4. I have never been able to find a foundation that matches my skin, so when i finally found one that covers up all my acne and makes my skin look close to flawless, i was excited. i have been wearing it daily for about 1-2 weeks, and i loved it... But i have now noticed that it caused me to break out big time. a bunch of little red pimples and some white heads on my nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. what do i do!? Now that my acne is looking worse than ever without makeup, i dont want to go out wi
  5. So i dont really know much about rosecea, but i dont think I have it, because this problem started only about a month ago. My cheeks will become very hot, they will feel like they are on fire, and they turn very red. They will stay red anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Anxiety seems to triggar it most of the time, but other times, im completely content, and all of the sudden its like someone just lit my face on fire. This never used to happen to me before, it pretty much started when I
  6. yeah so right now, i use AcneFree, the thing thats like proactiv. i have used many different things, and this doesnt really seem to be helping. Its hard for me to remember what actually helped, because a lot of the stuff i used when i had different severitys of acne. these are what i have used (in order) Proactiv- i used this in summer 07. my diary says it worked lol, but i dont want to send away for it. Nuetrogena Acne Therapy System- This smelled really good lol, but as I recall, it made m
  7. i have this problem to. Except i have adjusted and sleep on my back every night, although i would rather sleep on my side (acne is a son of a bi*ch, eh?). Anyways, i use "oil free moisture" from nuetrogena... I have the "combination skin" version, but there is also normal, oily, and dry
  8. I always pop them, I dont care what I have been told about not popping them, because I know what is right for me. If im gunna pop one, it is always before bed, and before I wash my face. I wash my hand, and stick the needle in the soap bar (lol im to lazy to actually clean it) and just do it. I always feel really guilty when i try to pop a cystic one and nothing comes out, because I feel like I have made it worse (which i probly have). but anyways, yea, do what works for you.
  9. uhg my forehead broke out in like july, and then it was pretty much gone, and not it just broke out again like yesterday. My chin has been giving me problems lately to. and my cheeks have been an issue for like months, i think its scarring (on my cheeks)... because there is not texture just red dots. I know it could be worse, but what catergory would i be in? By the way, I covered my eyes cuz im ebarressed about this!