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  1. Well I've never smoked or drank. Maybe it was due to stress? i was talking about when your skin is kind of like cut open as its healing down, is it bad to put moisturizer then? should i just let it form a scab and then moisturize?
  2. Age? :0 wow really? I thought after 30 is when our bodies stop producing as much collagen.... But then again, everyone's bodies differ so there may not be a real "cut-off" yikes! I was thinking like this: so a lot of the times when my acne goes down there is a hole or scrapish thing from where the whitehead came out. Now if you put something (e.g. moisturizer) between the cut (the hole/scrapish thing) then wouldn't the moisturizer be blocking the cut from sealing back together?
  3. Okay so I'm very confused on what has been causing my scars for the past year. I am about to be 23 and I have had acne since I was 13. I have been using benzoyl peroxide since age 15 & never really moisturized (i have oily skin). Last year I noticed the benzoyl peroxide would irritate my pimples more so I decided to stop using it and then I began to moisturize with Cetaphil Cream. I used Oxy (benzoyl peroxide) face wash however. In about a month, two of my pimples popped and left two holes i
  4. which aloe vera brand did you use and where did you get it from? please let me know because I used FOTE aloe vera and it caused a bad reaction after a while
  5. yes i realize that. But lets i inherited them (i have been having my pores randomly enlarge lately), does that mean NO MATTER WHAT I USE OR DO, my pores will enlarge? Why don't you try steaming your (cleansed) face 1-2 times a week and get the gunk out of your pores and see what that does? And after steaming, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and splash your face with cold water to seal the pores.
  6. Although topicals like benzoyl peroxide can kill bacteria, they can also irritate your skin, causing swelling and inflammation, which basically does make acne worse. Never trust a topical when it claims to make acne worse before it gets better (unless its an antibiotic)...what its really doing is irritating your skin and some people's skin get used to that medication and puts up with irritation and some people's skin doesnt.
  7. i heard retin-a is bad to use when needling since it just keeps peeling layers off skin
  8. Glad to hear you're having great results with dermarolling. Could you please tell me where you bought your dermaroller from? And which serums/creams do you use before and after? Thank You.
  9. Yes. For foundation, use Estee Lauder's Double MATTE (not double WEAR)....but the MATTE version. It has great coverage, takes care of oily-ness, and never causes break outs. by the way, do you know of any setting powders that get rid of shine, keep your face oil-free for most of the day, and do NOT cause breakouts?
  10. it makes me feel good that this post is helping others =) I think short-term BP is okay for some people...Ive used it for many years but now I unfortunately cannot because it damaged my skin. I dont use any sunscreen because stuff in there can cause breakouts so I do my best to stay out of the sun...however I do wear Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free Compact Foundation makeup (its no longer in stores but I buy online) it has salicylic acid in there and protects me somewhat from the sun. Im no
  11. it is most likely the bp you are putting under it...remember bp is also a bleaching agent so it might have changed the color of your foundation. I dont wear anything underneath...maybe just a little moisturizer...and my foundation stays the same color the whole time. hope that helps
  12. I notice an oily face in the morning...so i thinkkk that ourr faces produce a lot of oil during nighttime and that probably causes a zit to pop up. whenever i USED to use BP it prevented those zits because it was very drying (however I would NOT recommend using BP all over the face as it has weakened my skin a lot).
  13. I doubt BP "reveals" scars....I think once your lesion (from acne or chicken pox or whatever) goes down...that area slowly starts to heal and during that time that area is very weak. BP completely weakend my skin even more so and the "recovering" areas just collapsed and a dent was formed. So far its been several months and the dents are still there .......Idk if they will ever go away but because of what I noticed i have quit the use of BP
  14. I really like the double matte foundation...I got it in "Warm Bisque"...it is perfect for (gold undertone) it has no pink in it whatsoever so it actually looks like skin!....only problem (for me) is that it is slightly too light (I'm NC 28 in mac)....however with a little bronzer and blush it looks magnifique! I really do think it is a good makeup for acne-prone people because it feels light. Im astonished with how much coverage there is as well! Oh BIG TIP: USE THE STIPLING method (and DONT S
  15. That's probably what is in the mask part which is only left on for a few hours. The cream that you would take home and apply daily is very mild and most likely doesn't contain as a high of a strength. When I went in to get the mask applied at my dermatologists office...for the first time they did NOT have my sign any papers because it was such a safe product that has no side effects. Check with your dermatologist and see what he/she has to say about it. Don't get easily discouraged ...talk to yo
  16. I dont have any pictures with my hyperpigmentation ever showing because i almost always put on makeup whenever I go out. However there are many before/after pictures available if you research on the web. Hope that helps
  17. Okay I'm writing this post in the hopes of reaching out to those who are in need of knowing what works and doesn't ...as well as to boost some advertisement for these products so they don't get discontinued just because of the lack of advertisement. Anyway...the products I will discuss below have been used off an on by me for many YEARS and I have realized what clears me up and what I cannot live without. *Scrubs: 1) Neutrogena Body Scrub = used for six years = completely clears up body acne.
    I use the one with SALICYLIC ACID in it...the one for blemishes/acne prone skin. I cleared up within a week and have been using it for about 2 and a half years and this definetely reduces the breakouts. I use it everyday and it makes my skin so soft smooth and supple None
  18. Miffy18

    REALLY helps acne...I've been using it for about four years and I always notice a difference when I don't use it. This truly helps in staying clear and CLEANING everythinggg out. I use it as a makeup remover as well. It also helps a bit with blackheads...but mostly for acne. My skin always feels much healthier and it feels like my skin is actually breathing after this (kinda weird but it really does). The beads do sometimes get stuck in my hair...but no biggie...you can always just wash them out
  19. OKay...so from now on I'm going to start telling people about all of the great things I have tried....WHY spend my time and energy to do this? 1) I wanna help people because I was in the same boat a couple times and would want to know as well. 2)...and most importantly my FAVORITE products that ACTUALLY work keep getting discontinued BECAUSE of the LACK of advertisement Now back to what you clicked on this post for: Cosmelan MD (can only get it from your dermatologist's office or if you are
  20. i airdry....i feel like there's too many bacteria on towels plus the extra friction of putting towels on the face might cause irritation.....plus it only takes like 2-3 minutes to air dry. i airdry....i feel like there's too many bacteria on towels plus the extra friction of putting towels on the face might cause irritation.....plus it only takes like 2-3 minutes to air dry.
  21. Hi Everyone I've seen from many reviews on makeupalley that "Estee Lauder Double MATTE" is supposed to be really good for acne-prone skin and that the coverage is great as well. Has anyone else tried it on here?
  22. Try out the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free COMPACT makeup (the cream powder one). By using a good moisturizer (I use cetaphil) about 15 minutes before applying the makeup...you shouldn't have caking. Do NOT use MAC...although MAC covers wonderfully it has a LOT of potential to cause breakouts. In addition...if you do decide to use mineral makeups make sure it does NOT include talc or bismuth oxide ...these two ingredients are known to irritate skin. I've been using the neutrogena skin cleari
  23. Try the Neutrogena skin-clearing oil-free compact makeup (not the new mineral one which has talc)..the one I'm talking about is like a cream powder it covers well...makes pores like tinier...and goes on great over a good moisturizer
  24. skin clearing is the best! make sure you put a moisturizer underneath to prevent caking. it really helps with acne-prone skin. unfortunately...I can't seem to find it in stores lately