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I use the one with SALICYLIC ACID in it...the one for blemishes/acne prone skin. I cleared up within a week and have been using it for about 2 and a half years and this definetely reduces the breakouts. I use it everyday and it makes my skin so soft smooth and supple None

By Miffy18,

REALLY helps acne...I've been using it for about four years and I always notice a difference when I don't use it. This truly helps in staying clear and CLEANING everythinggg out. I use it as a makeup remover as well. It also helps a bit with blackheads...but mostly for acne. My skin always feels much healthier and it feels like my skin is actually breathing after this (kinda weird but it really does). The beads do sometimes get stuck in my hair...but no biggie...you can always just wash them out

By Miffy18,