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  1. I haven't received my order yet after 7 days, when I chose other option last time it arrived fairly quickly. But not not this time, anyone know how long it should take?
  2. I'm a little confused with that comment. Did you mean it should not be used at the same time like apply on top of SA+ or apply SA+ on top of BP. Or I should not use like BP in day time, then SA+ at night on it's own? Still waiting for my SA+, should have arrived 3 days ago
  3. Your skin looks absolutely beautiful. Is it the photo or are you really that perfect?!
  4. I've been very careful up until 2 days ago, it's summer here, weather is hot and I was in a rush to catch my bus to work. Put on BP and applied moisturizer + jojoba oil. I must have smeared some BP the under of my eyes areas.. now both my eyes have this dark brownish half circles under them!!! It makes me look like a drug addict I don't know if it will stay on forever and won't go away or should I just wait it out, or apply moisturizer to it, or put AHA+ under the eyes (risky I think). Anyone
  5. I need advise please, I feel like I've gone backwards.. Amazing amount of information in this thread! I'm on week 6.5 with BP regimen. Week 4 was the best week I thought all my acne will be goneeee but after week 5 it comes back. Note that on week 4 when I touch my face I could feel such thick layer of dead skin on my face. Week 5 I picked up Dan's AHA+ from the post office and put it on for the first time at night. I put on BP > Dan's AHA+ > 2 drops of Jojoba oil + Olay moisturizer. The
  6. I've been poppoing a few here and there. I break out a bit but there's nothing serious and I'm sure I can get it under control again. With Australia weather at the moment I find that putting as much moisturizer as I used to in winter is not a good thing for my face. It look and feel like my skin couldn't breathe or whatever it is but when I use thinner layer of moisturizer it seem to help calm my skin down. Just got myself a bottle of Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser. I went and used it in show
  7. Just when I thnk it's all better, now it's coming back. Maybe I shouldn't my face exposed to risks until I'm all clear. this is like back to end of week 3
  8. Personally, I've been on BP for 4 weeks, up to week 5 now. The cystic ones dry up and reduced to a small hard round little balls which comes off when I run my finger over it in shower. I know how frustrated you might be feeling. I invested hundreds of dollars in products like Dermalogica skin care range but it didn't really help. Considering I used to have flawless skin, my skin took a beating when I didn't look after it well for about 2 months while I was out on camp, I took good skin for grant
  9. Week 4 - Day 27 Improvement: 65% to 70% clear - Drying small bumps, healing red marks, no active zits Mood: Happier with acne improvements Following the regimen: 95% Amount of BP use: 1 and 3/4 pump per application Still not completely clear but I have to say that from day 1 to day 27, the improvement has been great and it's been a long way indeed. I am still not using 2 full pumps all the time as it takes forever to try especially when I have to go out. So I'm using 1 3/4 pump which seems to
  10. Week 4 - Day 22 Improvement: 40% clear still less small bumps replaced with a few small zits Mood: Like, whatever! Following the regimen: 95% First day of week 4, I got tiny break out yesterday. Looking back at my progress so far I think it has been quit good. I had moderately sized zits, one on my right and one on my left cheeks, one along the jaw line on the left of my face. One red swollen spot next to my ear not sure yet if that's a bug's bite or acne but it itches pretty bad. A few old ac
  11. What's I'm trying to find out is if you are still relying on BP. As I'm planning to finish off the current bottle and if I'm clear I will see if I can go on without applying it and not breaking out again. Nothing wrong with BP but I don't think it's for me for a long term use due to the chemical in it.
  12. I got the same thing, but rather than just red it looks sort of dark brown around the front of my neck. I saw this when I woke up this morning. There's an area in the middle of all the browness / redness that's not affect so I look like i have this white ring across the front of my neck and it looks ridiculous I'm just applying a lot of moisturizer to counter it but anyone else has other recommendations on which good product to fix this up? Hope it will go away and not staying there with me f
  13. Week 3 - Day 17 Improvement: 40% clear Mood: Moderately happy Following the regimen: 85% Finally, I'm in the begining of week 3. Things are looking a lot more positive now I almost couldn't handle looking at myself at the beginning of week 2. It was so bloody tragic. Both my cheeks are not totally clear yet but it looks a lot better to the point where I did get some random comments from people that know know me saying 'your face is a lot clearer what's going on?' sort of questions. I didn't w